The Lazy Man’s Guide To Video Editing For Social Media – Making a powerful and captivating video that not only excites your audience but also portrays your intended message is not for the fainthearted.  Therefore, you need a bucket-load of creativity and the right video maker online to take the internet by a storm. So, take time and check out’s video library to learn more about this video maker online.

But what of days when you feel blue and still expected to make the Benjamins? Let’s face it, everyone has bad days. But unfortunately, we don’t stay in Hogwarts, where you can spell your bills away at the flick of a wand. We, therefore, took the liberty of compiling a few tricks to guide you when you feel blue but still want to create magic.

Have a Plan in Mind

Before you pick up your camera or deploy your video editor, always have a plan and an end goal in mind. You may be creating how-to videos, behind-the-scenes videos, customer testimonials, or just humorous skits to wipe the day’s fatigue away. Having an acumen of your niche and the audience you intend to reach out to is the first step in ensuring your video sells.

Some social media platforms also have video length limitations. Therefore, you should clearly grasp the platform you intend to use and the accompanying regulations. If your video is long, you can split it into a mini-series to not scare away your prey. I mean customers.

Upon the Quality Using a Video Maker Online

The Lazy Man's Guide To Video Editing For Social Media

Whether you are a professional or still wet behind the ears for video editing, investing in the right equipment will set you apart from the masses. While this may put a dent in your pockets, it will be instrumental in making cinema-quality videos that will help you garner a considerable following. You can choose to use an offline editor or a video maker online and maximise the available editing features to make a masterpiece.

Imagine having to watch a Calculus tutorial in 144p. I don’t know about you, but I’m hitting that thank you next button. On the other hand, a high-quality video will have you captivated thanks to the myriad of colours, tone, contrast, among others, that promote the image quality in videos. In addition, most video editors support ultra 4k; thus, you won’t have to worry about creating grainy clips that will end up taking away from the message.

Hook Your Reader Left, Right, and Centre

Are you still there? If not, then my introduction didn’t do the trick. The same concept applies to video content. And fiercely at that. About 80 per cent of the human population consumes videos from various search engines and social media platforms daily. And with the copious amounts of videos available, the viewers are at liberty to choose what they wish to invest their time and viewing effort on. Therefore, the first ten seconds should be used creatively to deliver a hook, line, and sinker moment. Competition is stiff out there.

Some platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow for the use of thumbnails to further entice your audience. You can choose beguiling high-quality still images from your video as your thumbnails. This is to maximise the number of clicks your video gets. Remember, visuals are everything when it comes to video marketing. Therefore, ensure you use a quick tantalising preview to captivate your audience and keep them coming for more.

Edit With the Sound Off

Just like zebras have different stripes, intriguing I know, human beings are also built differently. Some are hearing impaired, while others are just too lazy to tap on the volume button that automatically pops up. If you have watched Charlie Chaplin or attended a silent show, then you know you can tell a story with no sound. Some platforms like Instagram and older versions of Facebook play videos without sound unless you enable it.

You can effectively make your video easy to follow by employing beautiful high-quality visuals, using text-heavy descriptions, and using subtitles.

Optimise For Online Searches Using a Video Maker Online

Optimise For Online Searches Using a Video Maker Online

Three words, Search Engine Optimization. Many people perform billions of searches daily on platforms such as YouTube, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Having meta descriptions, URL links, hashtags, and keywords in your titles is a surefire way of appealing to the masses. But don’t go overboard and ensure you limit your titles to under 66 words. This is so that truncation doesn’t occur when Search Engines crawl your content. In addition, YouTube offers pre-roll ads, which you can opt to pay for to ensure your video reaches many viewers.

Your creativity will be a great asset when it comes to meticulously crafting your video titles and video descriptions. They should be catchy, short, and sweet. However, they should still be descriptive, so that your audience understands what your brand is all about. Choose a video maker online that allows you to include content like keywords and add text and hashtags to your videos. This will help to create a buzz for your brand.


Having a reliable offline video editor or a trustworthy video maker online could be the steppingstone to you getting that Oscar of your dreams. However, utilising the plethora of features it offers will distinguish you from the pool of dreamers. With the above tricks and a spritz of creativity up your sleeve, you’ll be churning out masterpiece after masterpiece even on your worst days.