Most users are known to market through photos, videos are more engagement-worthy and drive more comments and views than photos.

Video is a more engaging form, and to make use of Instagram’s video marketing feature, you need to know how to edit videos for Instagram. In addition, you need to think about your brand’s aesthetic and curate videos that match your brand’s aesthetic.

Types of Instagram videos

Instagram has several options when it comes to video media. Each of them has different requirements when it comes to length, ratio, and video format. You need to consider the requirements and specifications for each video since a video meant for stories may not suit your feed or do well on IGTV. You can choose from the following video options:

  • Instagram stories
  • In-feed videos
  • IGTV or Instagram TV videos
  • Live videos

We will be covering all types of Instagram videos, except live videos since it doesn’t require any editing.

How to edit videos for Instagram feed?

Videos to be posted on the feed have a time requirement of 60 seconds, anything more than that, and your audience will lose their focus and get bored. Make sure that your content resonates with your brand. Your video should be easy to understand and relatable for your target audience. The most suitable formats for on-feed videos are .MP4 and.MOV.

Pick the highest resolution video possible and make sure that it matches the size and ratio requirements of Instagram. Keep the maximum frame rate at 30fps.

Your video should have H.264 compression, fixed frame rate, square pixels, progressive scan, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps+. Stick to ratios that statistically perform admirably, like 4:5 or 1:1.

Although Instagram has both a mobile version and a web version, most Instagram users use the mobile version, and you should pay attention to the dimensions required for the mobile version for more screen real estate.

Curate subtitles for users who use their mobile phones without sound. Catchy thumbnails and subtitles go a long way in attracting the target audience. In addition, they increase your video’s play rate and help you get noticed on the gram.

Videos for Instagram story

According to research, Instagram users were spending more time on the app once the app introduced Instagram stories. Instagram stories are not affected by the algorithm and can help you battle the organic reach. Instagram story videos are 15 seconds long and take up the entire screen ratio of 9:16. Film videos for Instagram videos accordingly to fit the story frame.

A video that doesn’t fit the story frame may look unappealing and upset your audience’s user experience. Edit your videos to the maximum size of 4 GB under video formats of .MP4 and. MOV under a minimum resolution of 720p.

Instagram stories are used to show a more organic and unedited business size to develop better communication with the target audience.

If your followers’ count exceeds the 10,000 limits, you can also add links to your Instagram stories to lead them to your brand’s landing page or a product page.

Editing videos for IGTV

The minimum limit of IGTV videos is 10 seconds long. Therefore, keep your IGTV video at least 10 minutes long. If you have a verified profile, then you can extend your IGTV to 60 minutes. The format for IGTV should be .MP4 or. MOV and under the ratio of 9:16. Keep the frame rate at 30fps minimum and the minimum resolution at 720p. If your video is shorter than 10 minutes, then the size of your video should not exceed 650 MB. Respectively, the size limit is 3.6GB for a 60-minute IGTV video.

Download and sign in to the IGTV app before uploading. To get more views on your IGTV, you can add a small snippet on your video to direct videos towards the IGTV video.

Edit Insta worthy videos with an Online video editing tool

Online video editing tool that helps you to create engaging and excellent video content in under 10 minutes. First, create an account in a free Instagram video editor to use the video-making feature.

Then, log in to your account using any browser on any desktop-machine-based OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS.

The editor is simple yet intuitive to ease your video-making experience. You do not have to worry about figuring out fancy video editing software and getting confused with their hundreds of options.

The bottom line is, videos are more engaging and drive engagement. Your videos must be edited as per the ratio and frame requirements set by Instagram. It is worth spending time editing your videos to make sure that your video looks appealing and presentable to your target audience. Maintain a consistent look for your videos, so that it is relevant to your brand and brand personality.

How to edit videos through Instagram

You do not necessarily need a third-party app for editing and recording your videos. For example, you can easily use the Instagram video editor, but it will not have the professional editing tools that an Online video editor might have. 

Below are the steps on how to edit your video using only Instagram:

  • Once you have shot your video, Instagram provides you with 24 different filters to choose from.
  • Crop the video as per your needs after choosing a filter.
  • Decide if you want sound in your video or not.
  • Add a cover or thumbnail from one of the frames.