Best Blizzard Games 2021 – 2021 has been an odd year in the video game industry. There is a generational change of consoles to the usual year of transition that we experience every time. Numerous delays of giant blockbusters have been added for different reasons: teleworking caused by the coronavirus pandemic complications in getting hold of the new consoles.

It has been a year in which revolutionary titles that will be remembered a decade from now have perhaps been lacking. However, throughout the last 12 months, we have not stopped playing. 2021 has been littered with notable titles across all genres and for all platforms, and even some games with brilliant ideas.

Compiling and organizing this list has not been easy, but we hope it will help you discover games that have not gone under your radar and recover others that you may not have caught at the time of its release. Go for it!

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Blizzard is responsible for multiplayer representations like Diablo and World of Warcraft, but read how Metacritic ranks the developer’s highest games. There are few designers more renowned for their reliable quality than Blizzard. This Irvine-based developer has created tons of beloved classics packed with content and replayability and is recognized as some of the biggest PC and online multiplayer hits of all time.

6 Best Blizzard Games 2021

Today, they’re best known for timeless phenomena and staple esports like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft. However, they were once a smaller developer from humble beginnings quietly churning out hidden gems dating back to the early 1990s, like The Lost Vikings.

1. Diablo II (88)

While this iconic sequence has a track record for quality, many diehards proper the franchises’ second entry to be the high point, despite its marginally low score on Metacritic. It’s informal to see why, as this dungeon crawler-on-roids covers an outstanding balance of depth and accessibility while increasing the elements that made the first game so attractive.

You select from one of 5 heroes, each with a distinct feel and set of abilities, as you embark on a quest to rescue the protagonist from the first Diablo. The diverse landscapes present a vibrant sense of atmosphere. And there are a ton of unique, intimidating monsters to face off against. The importance of progression, endless loot, and sheer breadth of customization help make for one of the best action RPGs ever.

2. Diablo III (88)

Diablo III (88)- Blizzard Games

This massive third iteration of Blizzard’s darkest and most beloved franchises reminds fans of what made Diablo so much fun. While the initial release was rocky and full of glitches and balance issues, many updates have smoothed things out. It makes this game much more like the originals. Many classic landmarks are still here: the countless dark abysses and dungeons, the awesome gear/bottle rewards, and a plethora of satisfying power-ups.

But Diablo III takes this formidable formula and updates it to more modern sensibilities, with sleeker graphics. It is more precise mechanics, and a super-robust crafting and customization system. There’s also a complicated, streamlined online mode with timed events and seasons, along with countless difficulty levels to keep things interesting.

3. Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void (88)

This game is almost everything gamers have loved about Blizzard’s hugely addicting sci-fi RTS and more. Like the Diablo series, the developers have taken Starcraft’s already solid foundation and built on it extensively, injecting a new level of wonder. This sequel is so massive that its campaign has been split into a trilogy of its own. It has Legacy of the Void being the third and final component of this epic space saga. This standalone expansion pack focuses on the ever-entertaining alien faction, the Protoss.

This version refines and adds several elements to the already extensive online mode. And adds even more units to your arsenal to play with. There’s also the fun addition of a co-op mode, where friends can team up to take out hordes of bad guys.

4. 7 Starcraft (88)

SCII  brings flashier visuals and more cinematic qualities to this renowned RTS franchise. And the original Starcraft masterfully rides that line of accessibility of depth without too much bombast or bloat.

This game is endlessly fun and captivating with its refined mechanics, subtle nuance, and cool science fiction atmosphere. Even without factoring in the online hooking element – which is still alive and well, the game proposes 3 different but equally unforgettable campaign modes. You’re given 3 very distinct factions or “races” to play, each with its strengths and appealing traits. It all blends greatly and results in one of the best RTS titles to this day.

5. Overwatch (91)

Overwatch - Blizzard Games

What can you say about Overwatch at this point? This is more minor a game and more an FPS esports phenomenon. Put, there’s a reason this franchise has garnered countless millions of sales amongst several platforms; it’s a feverishly fun and imaginative team shooter.

The game aided pioneer the concept of “hero-based shooters,” Each of the 30 + characters primarily possess their dynamics and capabilities. This variety of uniquely enjoyable heroes ensures there’s something for just about every play style and preference. The solid mechanics, appealing colourful aesthetic, and unique blend of magic and gunplay make for a super fun and enduring multiplayer romp.

6. World Of Warcraft (93)

As the recent release of WoW Classic reminded veteran fans (as it conquers new ones). It’s hard to get much better than this proven MMO in its original state. While the series has seen a decline that became apparent with Cataclysm. This massive social RPG remains monumental in both scope and quality.

WoW feels more like a majestic VR ride than a video game with elaborate environments and prominent social elements buoyed by raids that yield fantastic loot. Despite its depth and scale, the game is still accessible and versatile with an excellent art style. Many different missions, and action-oriented combat.

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