10 Websites You Need To Know About – This might sound like an incredibly obvious statement to make, but the internet is a pretty big place. There are probably over two billion websites out there right now, and while only a handful of those websites are active, that still means you’ve got an incredible amount of choice when it comes to surfing the web. It also means that many of the best and most useful websites could slip under the net, even if they’re hugely popular. Here are 10 websites you really need to know about.

1. Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is one of the only websites that offers the same kind of financial assistance as Android or iOS apps do, but from a desktop platform instead of an app. It’s available for free, so you won’t need to pay a penny in order to start putting your finances in better order. Let’s say you’ve taken out a loan from a very bad credit loans direct lender in order to boost your credit rating. Money Dashboard can help you keep track of repayments on that loan and rearrange finances so that repayments are easier.

2. SurveyMonkey

In order to make decisions about products and services, marketers will often engage users in surveys to gauge their opinions. That’s exactly what SurveyMonkey is, but you get to choose which surveys you fill out. You could be in with a chance of earning a little cash by filling out surveys on this site, and while each survey likely won’t pay too well, the amounts can add up over time, meaning that you might end up earning more than you expect from this little “side hustle”.

3. Pixlr

If, for some reason, you need to edit an image and you find yourself without your phone or your chosen image editing software, then Pixlr will come in handy. It’s an in-browser image editing suite that contains a surprisingly comprehensive toolbox, so you can adjust your photos and get them looking however you want. You’ll even find more advanced features like a healing tool and a rudimentary animation creation suite within Pixlr. Not bad for a free site, eh?

4. JustWatch

It’s fair to say that the number of streaming services out there is getting insurmountable. Between Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, and any number of smaller services, finding the content you want is getting more and more difficult. That’s where JustWatch comes in. This site aggregates all of the existing streaming services and tells you where movies or TV shows are available to stream or buy. You’ll never need to wonder where to find your favourites again!

5. Snopes

It’s never been more important to discern the difference between fact and fiction, and that’s something Snopes is adept at doing. Since its inception back in 1994, Snopes has worked tirelessly to sort real events from those that have been massaged or inflated by bad actors (or just plain made up). The next time someone sends you a political meme with loads of stats in it, check Snopes to see if it’s real. Chances are you might be surprised by what you find.

6. Ninite

Have you ever made a clean install of Windows, only to realise you’ve forgotten a lot of the apps you used to have? Ninite will help in that regard. It’s a list of commonly-installed and downloaded apps that you can check when you’ve reinstalled Windows. By ticking boxes, Ninite will download the apps you select, saving you from running around the web and looking for all of these apps yourself. It’s an invaluable time-saving tool.

7. Down for Everyone or Just Me

When your internet is acting up, Down for Everyone or Just Me (which can be accessed by typing in the much easier to remember “downfor.io”) will be a huge help. You’ll be able to check whether a website is down for everyone or whether it’s just refusing to load for you, which will in turn let you know whether you need to clear your browser cache or not. It can be frustrating to bump into errors when trying to load your favourite site, so use Down for Everyone or Just Me to check if it’s a universal issue.

8. ManualsLib

How many times have you bought something – an appliance, say, or a new device – only to realise that you need the manual and you don’t have it? ManualsLib is here to help with that. It’s got a huge repository of instruction manuals to browse through, so there’s a very good chance you’ll find the device you’re looking for there. At last count, ManualsLib hosted 6.7 million instruction manuals in PDF form across 127,000 brands, so you need never scratch your head over what a particular button does again.

9. TinyJPG

JPG images can take up a surprising amount of space, and if you’re a website owner or you just need to upload a lot of pictures for whatever reason, TinyJPG is your friend. All you need to do is upload a picture, and TinyJPG will automatically look for ways to optimise its file size. Often, TinyJPG will wipe 75-80% off the file size of your picture, but you won’t be able to tell any difference in quality, making it ideal if you need to optimise storage space.

10. Privnote

Do you ever get worried about the “paper trail” you might leave on the internet? If so, then Privnote is for you. Using Privnote, you can send a message to someone that will “self-destruct” after it’s been read. This allows you to send sensitive information like passwords or personal info without worrying that it’s still being stored somewhere online. You’ll even receive a confirmation that the message has been destroyed once its intended recipient has opened it.