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Entertainment Write For Us

Entertainment Write For Us

Entertainment, as the name suggests, captures the audience’s attention and satisfies pleasure by engaging them in the action. It may be an idea or a projected work, however more probably, there are those activities and occurrence developments by thousands of years which were created in order to keep people busy.

Because individuals tend to be attracted to different things, the majority of kinds of entertainment are understandable as a commonplace element. All cultures have a specific kind of art like storytelling, singing, playing instruments, dancing etc.

These develop into more complex modes with royal patronage and become a general experience for the people. This procedure has been intensified in modem times by a popular culture which records and sells popular entertainment commodities.


Play in children’s entertainment is critical as it promotes growth. The toys that influence children’s interests are those that are similar to what they see around them-adults performances ( on TV-) , they are ready children to act like adults-to child raising or any other forms of intercourse ( through dolls, pets and group games Today, this usually means sitting in front of a TV or tablet screen.

Adults too prefer entertaining children through a variety of activities such as puppetry, clowning, or pantomime while in most cases enjoyment is common to both children and adults like in the case of cartoons.


This is no surprise in the US which is a home of entertainment but has permeated into all cultural setting around the world (Roberts and Kerr 84). Kings, leaders or mighty men could at all times order an amusement of oneself to be paid for and many of them actually did pay for public entertainments. As far as possible, most of the time people made entertainment on their one’s own, other times participated in live actions.

It is part of the entertainment industry, and its main products include films. Some constituent parts of entertainment industry are American Hollywood[173] and Bollywood[174], and all European Cine industry consisting of British, French, German, Spanish, Italian and other national cinemas[175]. Another part of entertainment industry includes sex industry

Architecture for entertainment

Many famous and innovative buildings have been erected as purpose-built structures, acting as venues for entertainment for audiences. One of the most recognizable among them are theatre structures. The ancient Greek theatres were so important to the community that they reflected this importance in their architect.

Today such grandeur of entertainment buildings has popularized both cities and also its architects. For instance, the Sydney Opera House is a World Heritage Site while the O₂ of London hosts an indoor arena, music club, cinema, and exhibition Space. Such as the Bayreuth Festspielhaus situated in Germany which is designed specifically for a particular musical composition to be performed.


Through the course of the 20 th century, electronic media evolved into a tool for delivering entertainment products into the global audience of millions. Now folks could use the Internet to witness, read or join various performances common to their areas of living including stories, theater, music, and dance. Data storage devices, for instance, were boosted when it came to the development of entertainment technology.

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