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App Designing Write for Us, Contribute And Submit Guest Post

App Designing Write for Us

App Designing Write for Us

App Designing:  App design is the look and feel of a mobile app. This includes all visual elements and interactive elements that affect the operation of the application.
Mobile app design combines two concepts: UI and UX.

User experience (UX) design prioritizes application functionality and usability. The user interface (UI) comprises the appearance of the application. It includes colour, font, application style and similar layout options.

Lots of people have great app ideas. Whether you’re building an e-commerce app, an internal employee app, a fitness app, or an app in any category, design should always be the focus. But without a high-quality user interface and user experience design, it won’t be easy to keep users coming back.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in app design from the start. An investment now will save you money and ensure a higher ROI for your application in the future.

What Platform Should I Design For?

Most app developers want to design for multiple platforms. You probably want the app to be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

That said, there are nuances to consider when designing an app for multiple platforms and operating systems. There are also changes in the development process for iOS and Android.

It’s also worth noting that the market share for iOS and Android differs. Apple controls the US market share, but Android dominates globally. So your target user base will ultimately help dictate what platform you should design for.

iOS App Design

There are some effects you need to consider when designing an iOS app. For starters, the platform is highly reliable. It is quick and easy to use.

Apple also makes it much easier to debug app design flaws. So if you have usability issues, you should be able to fix them and roll out an update quickly.

Apple users want a nice design. It must be modern and intuitive. You also want to ensure the app is compatible across the entire Apple ecosystem. This includes apps for iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and more.

Android App Design

Android is not a closed ecosystem like Apple. Thus, you will have much more flexibility with your app design and creation environment compared to iOS apps.

There is also an extensive Google knowledge base that you can refer to if you are new to app design. Compared to Apple, designing and publishing an Android app is generally cheaper.

There is an app store for so many different types of devices and platforms that must be considered when designing for Android. Like iOS, Android apps need to think about a design that extends beyond smartphones. It should integrate with wearables, VR tools, Android Auto and more.

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App Designing Write for Us

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