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For many people, electric mobility is still a distant, almost futuristic world about which you can hear and read a little of everything. The truth is that the electric car is already part of our present. Today there are over  17 million electric vehicles worldwide, of which 6.5 million were sold in 2021 alone.

Although they still represent a limited percentage of the total number of vehicles,  almost one in 10 cars registered in 2021 is rechargeable (100% electric or Plug-in electric).

However, car manufacturers are releasing more and more models of electric vehicles, with ever more significant range and increasingly affordable prices.

Driving performance

Electric Vehicles Write For Us The first great advantage of vehicles with an electric motor is the direct transmission of power to the wheels in terms of driving. Consequently, even the less powerful electric cars are characterized by a quick acceleration and unthinkable pick-ups in endothermic vehicles of the same category.

However, another of the most noticeable differences is the braking system. Moreover, all-electric cars slow down consistently when you take your foot off the accelerator.

When braking, the car recharges the battery (the main factor that makes [electric vehicles] convenient in the city). That is to say. This means the driver hardly needs to touch the brake pedal, resulting in greater driving comfort.

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