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09 Dec 2022

Electric Vehicles Write For Us – Guest Post Submission

Electric Vehicles Write For Us – For many people, electric mobility is still a distant, almost futuristic world about which you can hear and read a little of everything. The truth is that the electric car is already part of our present. Moreover, today there are over  17 million electric vehicles worldwide, of which  6.5 million were sold in 2021 alone.

Although they still represent a limited percentage of the total number of vehicles,  almost one in 10 cars registered in 2021 is rechargeable electric (100% electric or Plug-in electric).

However, car manufacturers are releasing more and more models of electric vehicles, with the ever more significant range and increasingly affordable prices.

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Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Tax breaks and economic benefits

By the 2019 Budget Law, you can have access to:

Firstly, a tax deduction for taxpayers equals 50% of the expenses incurred from 1 March 2019 to 30 June 2022 for the purchase and installation of electric charging infrastructures not accessible to the public. The deduction is calculated on an amount not exceeding 3,000 euros.

Secondly, complete exemption from paying the stamp duty for the five years following enrollment and discounts are also available for subsequent years depending on the region of belonging.

Reduced premiums for some insurance policies, with percentages ranging from 30% to 50% depending on the model and type of coverage requested.

Lastly, free parking in the blue lines, free access to limited traffic areas and availability of dedicated parking spaces (depending on the municipality to which you belong).

Driving performance

Electric Vehicles Write For Us The first great advantage of vehicles with an electric motor is the direct transmission of power to the wheels in terms of driving. Consequently, even the less powerful electric cars are characterized by quick acceleration and pick-ups that are unthinkable in endothermic vehicles of the same category.

However, another of the most noticeable differences is the braking system. Moreover, all-electric cars slow down consistently as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator.

When braking, the car recharges the battery (the main factor that makes electric vehicles convenient in the city). That is to say, this means that the driver hardly needs to touch the brake pedal, resulting in greater driving comfort.

Eco-sustainable choice

Electric Vehicles Write For UsAs for the environmental impact, the electric car already performs better than all the alternatives available today, both in CO 2 emissions and pollutants, being the only technology that allows the total elimination of local oxide emissions. All in all, Nitrogen (NO x ) and fine dust (Pm x ).

To give an example, considering the electricity generation park in Italy (with a share of renewables of 33% of the total), it is estimated that the emissions of an electric vehicle in the entire “well-to-wheel” supply chain are about 70% less than those of a petrol vehicle, and about half compared to those of a methane vehicle with emissions close to zero in the case of an almost wholly decarbonized power generation park (as per forecasts for 2050).

Electric vehicles, therefore, make it possible to improve air quality. Moreover, this makes it possible to reduce the direct impact on people’s health, especially in large cities, with a consequent reduction in medical and health costs.

Finally, let us not forget the noise pollution and traffic noise we are forced to live with daily. The electric car is silent, and its use significantly improves the quality of life. On these issues, Enel X has developed an actual algorithm, the e-Mobility Emission Saving tool, to quantify the benefits deriving from the adoption of electric mobility.

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What is The Best Electric Car?

Basically, the various 100% electric vehicles on the market are not directly comparable in terms of the segment concerned and their price/performance positioning. Nevertheless, the Renault Zoé seems to be the most versatile offering, suited to the primary purchasing criteria of most customers. In addition, its status as the broad leader in electric car sales in France has just been reinforced by the arrival of a more successful second generation. However, it is available with a modernized presentation and increased performance, but at a price that is also improved.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car?

Basically, the cost of refuelling in energy for an electric car is about four times lower than its thermal equivalence. So, this ratio can vary on a case-by-case basis, mainly depending on the type of vehicle and its batteries and the pricing policy in force with the supplier of the kWh of electricity. However, according to the website, the owner of an electric car, whose consumption is around 15kWh/100km, pays an average of 10 euros to refuel.

How Long Does An Electric Car Battery Last?

Over time, the battery undergoes irreversible ageing that can limit its capacity. Typically, a new electric car battery has eight to ten years. For a large roller, it is necessary to count on equivalence of approximately 100,000 km.

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