Videocon Washing Machine – If you are interested for a new washing machine. You will come across three main types,

The top-loading, front-loading, and top-loading (or upper efficiency) impeller.Each has variegated advantages and disadvantages, and with the correct information. You’ll be worldly-wise to segregate the one that’s right for you.

Washing machines are a big contract in most households. Making it easy to wash everyone’s gown without laundry or laundry.

They are used several times a week, so it is important to have one that can handle. Whatever is stuff used and does not unravel down.

videocon washing machine

1. Top Load Agitator

Top load agitator models are traditional and still common even though they’ve been around for sixty years. You can see the long agitator in the middle, the main washing power, when you open the cover. During a cycle, it swishes against the clothes to get them clean.

Videocon Washing Machine

2. Front Load

Front-load washers are a great alternative. They don’t use much water, only filling just below the door. Instead of using an agitator to wash the clothes, front load washers depend on one article rubbing against another, making the cycle gentler on clothes. Large items will wash better in a front load, and they spin very fast, giving you a head start on the drying process.

Videocon Washing Machine

3. Top Load Impeller

Top load impeller (or high efficiency) washers are the newest category of appliances. Rather than an agitator, they use an impeller at the bottom to swoosh the clothes back and forth, and the tub itself moves as part of the wash stroke.

Videocon Washing Machine

Features Of Videocon Washing Machine

1) It has high quality at a reasonable price

2) Low noise, various types

3) Energy-saving

4) Durable in use

5) Quality and quantity assured

6) CE, CB, ROHS, SASO Certification


Model Number MCWS-028
Application Washing machine
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power 120W
Start Torque 0.5 / 0.5 Nm
Breakdown Torque 0.75 / 0.85 Nm
Start Current 1.5 / 1.55 A
Capacitor 5/5 µF
Speed 1320 r / min
Run direction CCW
Certificate CE, ROHS, SASO

Parts And Accessories Of Videocon Washing Machine

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What Is The Best Price Of A Videocon Washing Machine Per Piece?

Videocon Washing Machine is sold by Piece
Most of the products of Videocon Washing Machine ranges from Rs 7800 to 20000 per Piece

Videocon Washing Machine Price Range No of Products(%)
Rs 7800 – 9900 26%
Rs 9900 – 12000 37%
Rs 12000 – 16000 28%
Rs 16000 – 20000 5%