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Esim Write For Us

eSIM stands for Embedded SIM/USIM. No physical SIM cards exist; you won’t need to exchange anything physically. The network or carrier must support eSIM and enable it. Not all networks support, for example see below.

Essentially, an eSIM is a small chip housed within the phone and operates similarly to that of NFC chips used in the likes of ApplePay and GooglePay.

The eSIM information has the capacity of being rewrite as one makes decisions and could switch operator from a single phone call. Adding such devices connected via eSIMs to mobile account can be done within seconds.

The GSMA which represents mobile networks is behind eSIM, and it’s through this organization that they have set out a universal standard for eSIM everywhere.

What are the downsides of eSIM?

It may give disadvantage to customers in terms of options offered. All phones sold may be made to be exclusive to only one network.

Moreover it is not possible for individuals to swap their phones or switch carriers without informing their service provider. Of course most won’t give that a thought, but some find it an objection.

The days of storing numbers on SIM cards are numbered for most people using Android or iOS thanks to cloud backup, but it does involve a change of mindset for those using older or cheaper phones: This will mean that you can’t move to a new phone physically anymore.

What devices support eSIM?

Apple has made iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro the first eSIM-only phones in United States since introducing dual SIM support starting with iPhone XS. Its iPad Pro and every Apple Watch since Series 2 have eSIM functionality.

The Pixel 2, produced by Google, also had eSIM ability, but this was limited to use in America solely with Google’s cellular plan called “Google Fi.” In fact, this feature was launched in all Pixel phones starting with Pixel 3, including the possibility of using it in conjunction with a standard SIM card.

This can be said about Samsung’s Galaxy devices from the S20 line upwards.

Additionally, we mentioned eSIM support has become available in Moto Razr flip phones too, and eSIM support has become an element of Windows 10 and 11 too. The eSIM technology might replace the need for a regular nano SIM in some cellular-modem equipped devices, like the Snapdragon-based laptops.

What networks support eSIM?

Selected carriers provide eSIM. Either you’ll use a carrier’s app, or a QR code for scan. There will be a requirement for the carrier to support eSIM again.

There are eSIM enabled networks in the UK which include EE, O2 that can be used within Vodafone and Three mobile phone plans. Customers normally have to go to their local stores, or just call customer services, if they want to obtain an eSIM pack or download it.

Considering EE’s sim pack. In this case, you are free to obtain a classic looking SIM card package like from this picture. However there is no sim card in it but instead the user gets an instruction booklet and QR code to enable a device to capture information. This means that each eSIM pack comes with a unique number unlike a normal SIM pack.

ESIM is implemented by AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless in the US.

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