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Monitor Write For Us

Monitor Write For Us

A monitor is a piece of computer hardware that displays video and graphics information generated by a computer connected through the computer’s graphics card.

Monitors are similar to televisions, but typically display information at a much higher resolution. Additionally, unlike televisions, monitors are typically placed on a desk rather than mounted on the wall. A monitor is sometimes called a screen, display, video display, video display terminal, video display unit, or video screen.

Important Information about the Monitor

Popular brands of computer monitors include Acer, Hanns-G, Dell, LG Electronics, Scepter, Samsung, HP and AOC. You can buy monitors from these manufacturers directly or through retailers like Amazon and Newegg.

A monitor typically connects to an HDMI, DVI or VGA port. Other ports include USB, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt. Before investing in a new monitor for your computer, make sure both devices support the same connection type.

For example, don’t buy a monitor with an HDMI port if your computer only accepts a VGA connection. Although most graphics cards and monitors have multiple ports to work with different types of devices, it is still important to check their compatibility.

Monitor Troubleshooting

A monitor’s performance is typically determined by several factors rather than just one characteristic, such as the overall size of the screen. Some of these include aspect ratio (horizontal length vs. vertical length), power consumption, refresh rate, contrast ratio (concentration of brighter colors versus darker colors), and response time (how long it takes for a pixel to go from active to inactive). , to reactivate), screen resolution and others.

You may be able to troubleshoot many monitor problems yourself. However, for safety reasons, it is best not to open the case. If you cannot solve the problem with the suggestions listed here, take your monitor to a professional.


Monitors are usually immediately available via plug-and-play. If the video on the screen does not appear as you expect, you should update the graphics card driver.

Cleaning. Newer LCD monitors should be cleaned carefully and not like a piece of glass or an older CRT monitor.

Without picture. Are you dealing with a monitor that doesn’t display anything on the screen? Read our guide to testing a non-working computer monitor to learn how to check the monitor for loose connections, make sure the brightness is set correctly, and more.

Inaccurate display. Read how to fix fading and distortion on a computer screen if your monitor doesn’t seem to display things as they should, such as: E.g. if the colors appear dull, the text is blurry, etc.

Color problems on an old monitor. If you have an older CRT monitor that has problems with color reproduction, for example because it sees different colors at the edges of the screen, you should degauss it to reduce the magnetic influences that are causing the problem.

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