Khiladi 2016 film – It is a Bhojpuri action comedy directed by Aslam Sheikh, starring Khesari Lal Yadav and Madhu Sharma in the lead roles. The romantic action comedy is produced by Sameer Aftab, Abhay Sinha, and Manish Singhal.

Watch Khiladi online to enjoy this high-octane action drama. It is about how they come together amid all the problems. The film has some scenes as it is shot in Mumbai, Manali, and Silvassa.

Details About Khiladi 2016 film

Directed by Aslam Sheikh

Screenplay by: Aslam Sheikh, Ishtiyak Sheikh “Bunty”

Story by Aslam Sheikh

Produced by Abhay Sinha, Manish Singhal, ameer Aftab


  • Khesari Lal Yadav
  • Madhu Sharma
  • Anjana Singh
  • Mahesh Acharya

Cinematography Vasu

Edited by Preetam Naik

Music by Songs: Avinash Jha (Ghungharoo)

Score: Harsh Sharma

Production companies: Yashi Films, Madz Movies

Release Date: May 6, 2016 (Bihar), July 15, 2016 (Mumbai)

Country: India

Language: Bhojpuri

How to Watch And Download Khiladi 2016 film?

You can watch the movie Khiladi 2016 film online on Youtube, Hotstar, as long as you subscribe to the video streaming OTT stage. Khiladi notches a 6.4 digit binge rating out of 10 and is an excellent movie to watch in the Action, Comedy, and Romance genres.

More About Khiladi 2016 film

Khiladi (2016 film)

The story of the Khiladi 2016 film begins in Danapur, where the two thieves Khesari and Murari, lead a life of petty theft. One day, a person named Durjan Singh entrusted them with stealing the statue of the Lord from the Shivgarh temple. The two steal the figure of God from the temple at night. But the villagers run after them, and they both hide in an orphanage and hide the statue in a chamber there. But in the morning, the room is left locked, which prevents him from taking the figure, and he stays around for a few days.

At the same time, Thakur Virendra Singh’s men come to the orphanage and threaten to leave the orphanage, and Khesari questions his aunt about it. Then the aunt says that she visited the Pashupatinath temple in Nepal with her husband, Shiv Dayal Singh. In the meantime, an earthquake caused the death of many people and the orphanage of many children.

So, we both decided to bring these children to our home and take care of them. But because of the tiny house, there was some problem in life, so Shivdayal agreed to build the house to Thakur Virendra Singh and had it signed fraudulently on the ownership document. And he took the property for him on his behalf, which Shivdayal could not tolerate and expired a heart attack.

Khesari Falls In Love

Hearing this, Khesari and Murari encounter Thakur Virendra Singh and urge him to leave the orphanage, but Thakur Virendra Singh disagrees. At the same time, Thakur’s daughter, Kajal, arrives, and Khesari falls in love. At the request of Thakur Virendra Singh, the trader refuses to give the ration to his aunt, which causes all the children to go hungry for two days.

Khesari cannot see the children’s hunger she steals from a jewellery store [clarification needed]. Kajal catches her stealing and complaining to the police station, and the police arrest Khesari. Then Kajal goes to the orphanage, after which he knows that Khesari did not steal for himself. He stole to gratify the hunger of these children. Kajal then carries food for all the children but refuses to take it. He says they want his uncle Khesari.

Then, Kajal gets Khesari free on bail, and after seeing Khesari’s kindness, Kajal also falls in love with Khesari. When Virender Singh knows it, he gets angry. Meanwhile, Sarpanch elections are taking place, in which Thakur Virender Singh has won unmistakably in recent years. Still, this time Khesari also ran for election against Thakur, and Khesari won the election.

Takur’s Men Attack Khesari

Then Thakur’s brother-in-law suggested that Sarpanch’s post should go away, but his daughter Kajal was not to get out of hand. That’s why Thakur calls Laxmikant, aka Lucky from America, to marry him Kajal. Still, at Murari airport, he fraudulently takes Lucky away, which Khesari takes up in his words and goes to Thakur in the form of Lucky.

Thakur’s men attack Khesari and retrieve Kajal and return home. Khesari faints from a head injury and is hospitalized. But when Lucky discovers that Khesari and Kajal love each other, she tells Thakur the whole truth.

Thakur Accepts His Defeat

Meanwhile, Thakur’s men leave the orphanage and throw everything away when Khesari learns he is coming directly from the hospital. Virendra Singh then makes a contract with Khesari that he should give her to the orphanage if he goes to Kajal’s life. To save the orphanage, Khesari decides to sacrifice his love for him. Khesari fantasizes about being greedy in front of Kajal which infuriates Kajal, and he slaps Khesari, and she tells him that she is not going to marry a man as cheap as this guy.

Virendra Singh chooses to marry Kajal with Pawan. But when Kajal learns the truth in the middle of the marriage, she refuses to marry Pawan. She goes to see Khesari and expresses her love for him. Thakur also arrives with her henchmen, but Kajal locks himself with Khesari in a room. And assuming there’s a witness to the fire there, they marry seven shots. Eventually, Thakur accepts his defeat, agrees with the marriage of Khesari and Kajal.

Soundtrack of Khiladi 2016 film

Khiladi 2016 film

Avinash Jha “Ghunghroo Ji” was composed of Khiladi’s score with Pawan Pandey, Pyare Lal Yadav, and Azad Singh. It was formed under the “Wave Music” label, which also purchased its satellite rights.

Her song “Lahe Lahe Mala Ae Raja” was released on YouTube on July 16, 2016, which 26 million people viewed.

Award and Nominations

Ceremony Venue Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result Ref.
Sabrang Film Awards 2017 Mumbai Best Story Aslam Sheikh Won
Best Editing Preetam Naik Won
Best Cinematography Vasu Won
Best Art Vijay Das Won
Best Publicity Designer Narsu Bahera Won


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