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Information security (Infosec) is a set of policies, procedures, and principles designed to protect digital data and other types of information. Infosec’s mission involves establishing business processes that protect information assets, regardless of how that information is formatted or whether it is in transit, processed, or stored.

Typically, an organization applies information security to protect digital information as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity program. Infosec ensures employees can access the data they need while preventing unauthorized access. It can also remain linked to risk management and legal regulations.

Types of Information Security

Although information security can take many different forms, the following are the most common:

Application Security

This infosec approach remains designed to protect applications and application programming interfaces. Stops and blocks vulnerabilities and data leaks impacting applications. Application security can remain achieved through various techniques, such as firewalls and web application scanners that continually find, monitor, and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security protects intranet and extranet networks, laboratories, data centers, servers, desktops, cloud resources, and mobile devices. It also protects against typical cybercrimes, natural disasters, and other mishaps. In short, infrastructure security plays an important role in reducing and mitigating damage caused by disruptions.

Cloud Security

This approach aims to protect, build, and host applications in the cloud. To ensure cloud security, companies must ensure the safe use of applications and isolation between separate processes because cloud applications run in a common environment.


Cryptography involves converting plaintext data into secure data through encryption. This information security approach encrypts data at rest and in transit to ensure data integrity and protect against cyberattacks.

Security teams often use digital signatures and sophisticated algorithms to make messages and data more difficult to read. For example, symmetric key algorithms such as the Advanced Encryption Standard remain often used to protect sensitive government data.

Vulnerability Management

Thousands of new vulnerabilities remain discovered every year, forcing organizations to patch their operating systems and applications and reconfigure their network security settings. The vulnerability management process identifies and manages all environment vulnerabilities to proactively remediate them before they become real threats.

Incident Response Plan

An incident response plan is a set of information security processes used to identify, contain and remediate security breaches. By adopting an incident response strategy, organizations can contain threats and easily recover from the consequences of a security incident.

This plan must also establish measures to preserve evidence for forensic investigations and future prosecutions. It information can be used to identify the perpetrator and prevent subsequent attacks.

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