Implementation Software Help With My Shared Workspaces – A shared workspace is a workstation rented by remote workers, gig workers, consultants, freelancers, and anyone who does not have a central office. Ideally, renting a whole office can be pretty expensive, considering the high cost of rent and furnishings. However, you can use implementation software to find an ideal workspace.

The implementation software provides you with all the necessary information you need to know about the workspace you need. It also offers dynamic custom 3D floor maps to view your workspace from a device. Here is how implementation software can help with your shared workspaces.

Ways Implementation Software Can Help With Shared Workspaces

1.    Custom 3D Floor Maps

As mentioned earlier, implementation software contains custom 3D floor maps rendering high visual impact. This feature is visually appealing in displaying the workspace details. It also enables you to understand the concept of the office through the use of animated elements.

Custom 3D floor maps also provide you with a photorealistic and accurate look. You can see floors and rooms from all angles as if you were there. You can use the implementation software if you need to change the office’s outlook.

2.    Shared Workspaces Scheduling

In most companies, office space has the most significant budget. That is because real estate costs keep rising every year. However, you can use office hoteling software to cut costs and improve your employees’ productivity. Business digitalization is the way to go about office space maximization.

With the implementation software, you can brainstorm ideas from your employees and book an on-demand workspace. The software has an online calendar that can help you schedule meetings and work time with your employees. This feature enables you to see everyone’s availability, creating accurate schedules.

Shared Workspaces Scheduling

The office hoteling software is simple, efficient, and user-friendly. It also allows you to schedule a meeting room ahead of time. In that way, you can prevent frustration and confusion on your meeting day since everyone already knows the venue. Once you reserve the office space, it will indicate on the software so that another person does not rebook it.

3.    MS Exchange And Outlook Integration

Organizing an event or a meeting can be challenging but getting people to attend is the biggest hassle. An implementation software solves all these challenges. The software integrates with an MS Exchange and Outlook, enabling easy reservation and scheduling. You get to reach your employees quickly by using online shared calendars.

The online calendar tells you when is the right time to schedule a meeting where everyone can attend. In that way, you save time which can be productive in other areas.

The use of Microsoft Exchange sanctions you to create and assign tasks to your workers through a shared task management tool. You integrate it with email and notifications to manage a basic project. You also get to track the progress of the project.


In conclusion, implementation software is fundamental for every business with no physical workspace. It empowers you to save time as you and your workers become more productive.

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