Those eyes, the soft purring in the nape of your neck, it is no wonder so many people have a soft spot for cats and kittens and want to give them the world, but all the toys in the shop cannot make up for a poor diet. And this is where we need to pay extra special attention.

Too often the assumption of store-bought foods means we think they contain the essential vitamins and minerals needed for your cat’s daily exploring activities, and they just don’t. If they mention it is a complete and mineral-rich product they may have some of them and then more than likely not the recommended dosage you want for your pet. This means that to top up their nutrient content requirement we need to incorporate a supplement or add on to the meal in the form of snacks or treats.

Now, you may be a culinary enthusiast and enjoy the odd experimenting occasion where the kids have to eat whatever resulted from the mixing bowl, but for your pet, they can’t voice their opinions or preferences and so you will need to do your homework and research to find the right product.

Look for one that offers a full-spectrum vitamin portfolio but which has the advantage of aiding mental and physical health issues, and we have just the product in mind.

Plants for Health

Herbs, plants, flowers, and shrubs have been used for decades to treat illnesses and other ailments, and with the advancement of technology, it has been further discovered to treat humans as well as animals. Plants extracts are a great alternative to traditional medicinal treatments because they are all-natural and have, ideally, been ethically and environmentally consciously grown, chemical-free.

If you are wanting to make a change in your cat’s diet and have been looking into more pesticide and toxin-free options, then choosing cbd cat treats from a reliable supplier is a must. You want a company that is aware of the negative effects chemicals to have on animals, that prides itself on products made from natural ingredients, and who wants the best for your pet.

Look at their website, do they state how they extract plant compounds and implement them into their products, are their test results available or the very least on request, and do they have the industry experience from trading for many years? These are valid and important questions to ask yourself and to find answers to, this is after all a product you are considering for your furball, right? They deserve the best.

Healthy Ingredients

There is no time like snack time, anyone who has kids will know that the mere mention of the word snack and they come running, and when your pets hear the sound of the snack packet rattling or crinkling they will know what comes next and be at your side before you know it.

Since they already have the habit of finding you when its treats time or when the tub is opening this is a great opportunity to incorporate more natural ingredients into their diet. And if you have the chance of making them into little fish or paw print shapes all the better.

What you need now is a great recipe, one that has been tried and tested and has been successful with cat owners. You can look here for one that has gone down well with pets and as you get more comfortable with new ingredients and looking for organic products to add flavor or texture you can expand and begin to experiment.

But as you make changes to the food be sure to do it gradually to prevent upset stomachs or vomiting sessions around the house. Cat lovers have claimed to see significant changes in their cat within a few weeks from improved moods to thicker more luxurious coats, and enjoying the new foods too. Win-win.

Plus Side of Natural Products for Cats

There are many advantages of using more homegrown, organic products for your cat and some might surprise you. Let’s take a look at just a handful of benefits you will more than likely witness in your feline as they become accustomed to the new, healthier menu.

  • Immune strength. With fewer ailments, your cat’s body will naturally build up its immune system allowing them to have increased energy levels, but also maintain a healthy weight.
  • No by-products. Food products that contain ingredients from other animals such as cornmeal and fillers can cause severe allergic reactions, not to mention the preservative content in these products. It’s no good for us and it certainly is not good for animals.

There are still large debates about this subject with opinions flying around all the place, but you can click this link to read about it, hear what others have to say, and conclude from there. Irrespective of the species whether cat, dog, or other there will always be two sides to the story, you need to do what you feel is best for your pet.

  • Home-cooked meals essentially have a higher water content making digestion easier on your pet’s stomach.
  • Organic foods taste better and have a wholesome taste, this is because a lot of taste is lost in the processing stages and which is why processed foods are so bland, hence the additives.

At the end of the day, and after careful research, you know what your pet does or doesn’t like food-wise, tweak the ingredients he does like to healthier versions and you are winning.