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The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation For Cost Reduction

The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation For Cost Reduction

The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation For Cost Reduction – There are multiple tasks in the revenue cycle management of any healthcare facility that are highly repetitive. In the past, these repetitive types of tasks were manually completed, which when happening during with higher patient volumes, such as seen during the pandemic, quickly overwhelms the staff. As backlogs develop, patients become frustrated, billing and coding errors increase, and staff leave their positions, further compounding the problem.

A solution to these types of issues that also helps to reduce the cost of operation is to implement robotic process automation or RPA. Robotic process automation is a software solution that can manage repetitive types of tasks throughout a healthcare facility, freeing up the staff to focus on more complex issues. At the same time, using RPA helps increase efficiency, improve workflow, and ensure patients have a better overall experience.

RPA relies on artificial intelligence. This allows the software to continually learn the rules and protocols to become more accurate and efficient based on the specifics of the task. The most common uses of RPA in today’s healthcare facilities include:






The Cost Savings

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) reports that the use of RPA has the potential to provide over seventeen billion dollars in savings for administrative tasks in the revenue cycle management process.

Healthcare providers using the system see faster billing cycles, fewer denials due to coding and billing errors, and an improved workflow. At the same time, patients in these facilities had access to relevant information as well as a better experience with the RPA in place.

The staff at these facilities can focus on the patient as their time is no longer consumed by mundane and repetitive tasks. This leads to a superior patient journey where patients get the personalized service they need for complex issues.

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