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Leggari Products – Durability, Pros And Cons of Epoxy Flooring

Leggari Products is dedicated to simplifying the epoxy resin industry that, for years, has been seriously overcomplicated and even intimidating.

Leggari products epoxy coating kits can transform any hard surface, from countertops to floors and walls, into brilliant works of art. They also sell kits that can upgrade pool decks and driveways. They also sell kits that can enhance pool decks and driveways.

The company packs the materials needed for each job in boxes for do-it-yourselfers who order kits online. They also get access to Leggari’s step-by-step video tutorials.

Leggari Products simplify the epoxy resin industry, which, for years, has been seriously complicated and even intimidating.

Leggari produces epoxy paint kits capable of transforming any hard surface, from countertops to floors and walls, into glossy

These projects are no longer reserved for trained contractors. Anyone can do them. Those nervous about trying one for the first time can order a sample kit to bolster their confidence.

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How Durable is Epoxy on Countertops?

Even compared to polyurethane, epoxy wins for its sturdiness and durability. Another great thing about epoxy resin is its moisture resistance, making it the perfect countertop to install around sinks and other water sources. It is also pretty resilient to high heat and caustic chemicals.

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Pros & Cons Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coverings are one of the main soils for commercial and industrial facilities, with a growing demand for domestic use. While no flooring system is perfect, the benefits of epoxy outweigh the drawbacks for many applications. To help you make an informed decision, here are the main pros and cons of residential and commercial epoxy flooring.

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Pros: Economic Floor System

Compared to many other forms of flooring, epoxy floor coverings have a low cost per square foot. The epoxy system can be installed directly onto existing concrete without installing a separate flooring system. The initial cost of epoxy is higher than that of some alternatives like concrete polishing. However, when the epoxy eventually wears down and replaces, the replacement cost is lower because it is unnecessary to prepare the concrete substrate. It gives epoxy floors a low life cycle cost compared to other solutions.

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Pros: Excellent Damage Resistance

Commercial floor epoxy coatings are highly resistant to most hazards, including detergents, gases, oil, transmission fluid, and even most
industrial chemicals. In addition to resisting damage from chemicals, an epoxy coating is water and heat-resistant. It makes it an excellent choice for high-demand environments such as auto shops, factories, laboratories, medical facilities, and retail stores.

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Pros: Long Life

Epoxy’s longevity is a great selling point for facility managers, business owners, and homeowners who want a low-cost, durable flooring solution. Depending on the application, professional epoxy floor coatings can last 7-20 years or longer. Industrial epoxy floors tend to have the lowest durability because they expose frequent vehicle traffic, chemicals, and heavy loads. Epoxy coatings for basement floors, on the other hand, can easily last for decades.

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Pros: Easy to Customize

With epoxy floor coverings, you can get the precise look you want. Along with nearly limitless color options, epoxy floors has with unique and beautiful effects such as flake floors, geometric patterns, logos, and metallic epoxy floors. Epoxy floors has design or print you prefer, making it an ideal solution for basements, garages, retail stores, and shopping centers. You can also improve safety and foot traffic on commercial and industrial properties with stripes and warnings.

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Cons: Difficulty Adhering in Moist Environments

An epoxy basement floor is an inexpensive solution for a home basement floor because it is transparent, easy to clean, attractive, and moisture resistant. Unfortunately, it can be hard to use in a basement with moisture issues. As long as the basement concrete slab is appropriately dry and prepared, the epoxy should adhere adequately. The epoxy can lift off the floor if the floor is damp or the basement has chronic moisture problems.

Cons: Can Be Slippery

Epoxy flooring is not as slippery as it looks, and it is easy to add a non-slip additive to the finish to make the floor very safe, even when wet. Without an anti-slip additive, epoxy floors can become very slippery when wet, especially with oil spills.

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