How to Get More Views on YouTube? – YouTube is transforming and constantly evolving. Billions of marketing, educational, or entertainment videos are watched daily on YouTube. Effective use of YouTube can be a very powerful business tool. However, to increase sales, you need to increase the number of views.

You need to create content that promotes your business and builds an affinity with your brand. You must use techniques to amplify your brand’s message on YouTube.

Here we will discuss more advanced techniques that professionals use to increase YouTube views.

How to make a video on YouTube?

1. Schedule a video

Before you can make a YouTube video, you need to plan what you want to make. Think about the message you want to convey to your audience and plan where to include the subpoena in your video. This is important because people want to do something after watching the video.

2. Write a script

Start creating a video script based on your video schedule. Try to understand the language and attract the audience. Don’t use too much jargon but use industry-specific terminology to build trust with your viewers. If your storyboard is short, don’t write long scripts.

3. Make a list of shots

It’s a good idea to think about details such as the direction of the flash and the position of the camera in the list of records. Be sure to create it when you finish writing the script. It should include everything that gives direction to your production, such as camera setup and the actions/dialogues required for each scene.

4. Organize the scene

Decide if you want to frame an animated, live, or real-time, the kind of props you need when creating a video, etc. This helps to make the video look more professional. Complement your videos and thumbnail backgrounds to ensure your videos are displayed in the highest quality.

5. Edit video using an effective Online Video Editor

Create a few takes for each scene, start editing the video by using an online video editor and remove small mistakes and elements of the scene that don’t fit. Here, take the time to see if each line sounds natural, and remove the lines that don’t fit in the entire video.

6. Upload YouTube video

The YouTube platform allows you to upload videos such as titles, tags, and descriptions for your viewers. These will help viewers find your video. If you want to create multiple videos for a topic, you can create and add playlists. Adding cards or captions can help your viewers navigate your channel more efficiently.

7. Go Live

Once you have enough video production experience, you can talk live with your viewers in real-time. Answer your viewers’ questions now and give them the ultimate viewing experience.

16 Tips and Techniques to Get More Views on YouTube:

1. Create compelling content

If your video isn’t good, you can use as many hacks and ads as you like. Solve ideal client problems and consistently create content that meets your client’s needs. By doing so, you can build an enthusiastic fan community and get more views on YouTube.

2. Delivering content educates and entertains

Video content needs to add value to viewers. Whether it’s teaching them to do something or understanding, it should just keep them hooked and entertained. If the user finds your content valuable, the user will come back further and increase the number of views of your other future video content.

3. Track viral trends

Create video content based on existing viral trends. There is already a built-in desire in the market to display content in the context of viral phenomena, so visit it. Follow current trends and find a smart way to get more views on YouTube with the help of trendy contextual content.

4. Encourage viewers to subscribe

Customer loyalty can be an effective way to grow your business. Encourage current viewers to subscribe as it will increase the number of views of all new videos you post.

5. Add a watermark to the video

Watermarks can be used to increase the number of subscribers and YouTube views by promoting the channel on all videos. The watermark is just an image that can be set for all videos. Most brands use the logo. When the viewer hovers over the watermark, they are prompted to subscribe.

6. Recommended popular videos using metadata

If your goal is to increase your YouTube views, use the most popular videos in the niche market as a guide. Check out the most popular videos from our competitors. Use an algorithm to send videos to the viewers, explain the subject of the video and explain its overall category. Also, consider other keywords that one might use to search for that subject.

7. Make sure video embedding is enabled

Enabling the videos to be embedded on websites and blogs is a constructive way for brands to reach new viewers and get more views on YouTube. If the viewer clicks Share at the bottom of the video window, YouTube will display the Embed option.

8. Use playlists, cards, and credits to increase traffic to your videos

Except for playlists, cards, and credits, you can directly influence the viewer’s next choice. Organizing video playlists can minimize the possibility of viewers switching to another channel after consuming content. Cards are clickable, interactive areas that appear at any time in the middle of a video. They are offered in various formats that can be used, for example, to raise funds or sell goods. Credits, on the other hand, are phrases that encourage visual action that can be added to the end of a video to encourage viewers to take the next step. Encouraging viewers to subscribe and visit websites using credits are both good options.

9. Join the niche community

Comment on other videos and provide advice and feedback. If your video content lacks important information, link others to your content to provide more information.

10. Promote your video on other social channels

Try social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., to embed your YouTube videos in related blog posts and website pages. And don’t forget about email marketing which again plays a powerful role in converting sales.

11. Optimize video titles

YouTube videos should be search engine optimization (SEO) optimized as YouTube’s algorithm considers several factors when selecting videos in search results. The platform also provides a variety of ways to optimize channels and videos, including video filenames, titles, descriptions, tags, and more. It’s important to know the keywords that can help you rank your videos and channels. Optimizing your channel is important for building your brand and increasing your YouTube views.

12. Create a strong and consistent brand aesthetic

Make sure your YouTube brand matches your website and other social channels. This means that the same logo, image, and colour are used. Your profile picture should be 800×800 pixels. It should look good even if it is displayed small. The banner should be at least 2560 x 1440 pixels, and there are templates to help you design your banner.

13. Optimize your YouTube channel description

Start with a brief description of the benefits of your brand and your product. Next, tell your viewers why they are watching YouTube videos. Tell the viewer what is included along with targeted keywords in your YouTube channel description.

14. Build relationships with viewers

“Audience engagement” is the goal here. In other words, by interacting with other YouTubers, they can be interested in your brand, subscribe to your channel, and watch more of your entire video.

15. Create attractive thumbnails

Thumbnails are preview images of videos. This little photo is very important if you want to increase your free YouTube views. You can select one of the automatically generated thumbnails when uploading your video. Create and upload your custom thumbnails.

16. Post about giveaways and promotions using the links embedded in the video description

Everyone loves gifts. Posting a giveaway, promotion, or offer on social media and telling your followers that a link to join is included in the video description which will redirect you to the promotion is a great marketing strategy to get more views.


It takes time to get a lot of views on YouTube, so you must keep your patience. The platform has its controls and trade-offs to ensure that high-quality video content reaches users repeatedly. Concentrate on building a robust subscriber base, that will be most of your opinion. Schedule your marketing videos and moderated comments in all your social networks and make your videos look more professional. Catchy video content can boost conversions, get you more views, and enhance your brand authority, so it surely is worth the time, money, and effort!