Ecommerce SEO Expert -As long as you do the bare minimum, your site probably will rank somewhere on Google. The question is,
will you get any search engine traffic if you’re nowhere near the first page?

When the first five search results get 67.6% of all search traffic, you can’t afford to be on the front
page. However, getting better rankings isn’t always easy to do.

Hiring an eCommerce expert is a great way to improve your website’s SEO rankings. Below are four ways
that an experienced SEO company can help.

1. Target the Different Parts of the Buying Cycle

If all you do is create eCommerce pages, you’re only going to target the purchasing phase of the buying
cycle. That gives you less opportunity to reach people who might not know what product they need to
You can use SEO to create content for people that aren’t interested in buying yet. Your content will rank
on the first page and tell people what they need to know. As a result, people will trust your company more and know that you provide a solution to their problems.

2. Get Better Page Performance

There’s been a shift in ranking factors for Google over the past several years. Google now understands
more about what makes for a great user experience on websites. Because of that, it’s now a ranking

That makes page performance something you can’t ignore with SEO. Search engine optimization
services know this and will work to improve your site’s performance to avoid penalties on Google.
As a result, you’ll improve your chance of ranking and improve your website performance for everyone.

3. Increase Website Authority

Even if you do SEO right, that’s not a guarantee to rank on Google. Established brands know the value of
SEO and have taken actions to improve their chance of ranking. If your website doesn’t have as much
authority as your competition, it’ll beat you in the search results.

SEO firms can help by working to increase your website’s authority. They’ll do this by building backlinks to your website.

A backlink from an authoritative search is like a vote for your website. If you can gain several high-
powered links, it will increase your chance of ranking on Google.

4. Get Access to Tools

The great thing about SEO is that you can track everything with data. It does take time to see results, but
you can track everything you do.

Search engine optimization experts have access to the latest SEO tools out there. That includes keyword
trackers, content optimization tools, and page performance checkers. These tools make SEO easier and
provide a better way to visualize your SEO efforts.

Check out the SEO case study, “what is Kickscrew,” to see how you can use data to track and optimize
SEO results.

Hire an eCommerce Expert Today

It’s a long and challenging process to rank on the first page of Google. There are countless little details to
get right, and you can’t afford to miss one when it takes so long to see results. Hire an eCommerce SEO
expert today to ensure your website is set up to rank.

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