6 Tips for Personalizing Your Apple Watch – So you’re thinking of buying an Apple Watch, or maybe you recently bought one and you’re wondering how to personalize it so it doesn’t look like every other Apple Watch out there. Today, we’re walking you through six tips for customizing your Apple Watch, from choosing an Apple Watch band that reflects your personality to setting complications for your home screen.

Decide Which Model of Watch You Want

There are three models of Apple Watch available on the Apple store: the Series 7, the SE and the much older Series 3. The Series 7 is the newest and the most advanced, and thus commands the highest price tag, starting at $749 for both GPS and Cellular capability ($599 for just GPS). The SE is the midlist offering, starting at $499 for both GPS and Cellular capability ($429 for just GPS). The Series 3 is the oldest and thus the most budget-friendly pick, offering GPS only for $299+.

However, the Series 3 is missing a lot of vital features, such as complications (more on that in a later section), and many people expect Apple to discontinue the sale of this nearly five-year-old watch later in 2022. Each of these watches offers different features and screen sizes to suit your needs and preferences, and the Apple website has a handy comparison chart to help you decide which watch best fits your needs.

Choose A Watch Face Size

Once you’ve decided which model of watch you want, it’s time to select which size screen you want. Each of the watches comes in two sizes and is measured by height: 45mm and 41mm for the Series 7; 44mm and 40mm for the SE; and 42mm and 38mm for the Series 3.

In general, people with smaller wrists will want to choose the smaller watch face, and people with larger wrists will want to choose the larger watch face. If you’re not sure which watch face will best fit your wrist, consider visiting an Apple Store or another tech store so you can try them on in person to get a feel for each size before you drop hundreds of dollars on a watch.

6 Tips for Personalizing Your Apple Watch

Select Your Band

Now we come to the fun part of customizing your Apple Watch, and it starts with choosing a band. The Apple Store offers a limited selection of bands starting at $69, but you’ll find a much wider selection and more affordable prices if you shop for cute Apple Watch bands from third-party sellers. You can choose from all sorts of designs, from sleek leather to traditional metal links to fun printed silicone.

Many people like to buy several different watch bands and then switch them out depending on their activity or outfit. For instance, they might use a leather band for the office and then switch to a silicone sport band for working out so they don’t stain the leather with sweat. When it comes to choosing a band, you’re really only limited by your budget!

Get A Bumper Case

Watch bands are by far the most popular accessory for the Apple Watch, but you can also get an edge case for your watch if you are especially tough on your technology. As the name suggests, these cases fit around the edge of your watch face to protect it from bumps and scrapes. Sometimes, the cases integrate a plastic screen protector into a single unit, while others leave the face open, leaving it up to you to choose whether or not you want to add a screen protector. Keep in mind that putting on a bumper case will slightly enlarge the watch face and make it a tad heavier, which could be an issue for people with thin or delicate wrists.

6 Tips for Personalizing Your Apple Watch

Set Your Home Screen

Now that you’ve got your Apple Watch accessorized, it’s time to get technical with the watch itself. The first thing to do is set the watch face you want. If you have just set the watch, tap “New” and you will remain presented with a series of options to choose from. When you find one you like, tap it again to get it. You can also set the watch face from your phone using the Watch app.

Navigate to the “Face Gallery” in the app to see your options and choose which color you want and then hit “Add.” To see all the faces you have added, go to the “My Faces” box. You can change which faces are in this list by hitting the “Edit” button. You can see this same list of watch faces on the watch itself by swiping left or right.

Add Complications

“Complications” is an Apple term for shortcuts, panels and other helpful things you can add to your watch face. These complications allow you to instantly check things from apps you have installed, such as the weather and stock prices. To set complications from your watch face, press and hold the watch face and then choose “edit.” This will take you to the color options screen.

Swipe left to get to the complications screen. Tap on any of the complications to change it and then scroll with the digital crown until you get to your desired selection. Press twice to set the complication and go back to the watch screen. You can also set complications from the Watch app by tapping on any of the faces listed in the “My Faces” or “Face Gallery” tabs. The specific complications available will depend on the watch face you have selected as well as the apps downloaded on your watch.

Follow these tips to select the perfect Apple Watch for your needs and personalize it to suit your unique needs. Enjoy your new watch and don’t forget to switch out your bands!