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[Kudumbavilakku] is one of the most famous places for serialized new wave of Malayalam television. They have an arrangement of over 1000 series and TV shows reminiscent of Hollywood web series for Malayalam. However, you should be aware of some points about [Kuthira] (com) before using it, including cybercrime.

The main page has a section that lists all the hack sites (like Tamilrockers) and advice on copyright infringement. It may seem strange at first, but we recommend that you avoid any financial exchanges with these types of sites and illegal sites due to possible legal consequences, both in personal and monetary terms.


One of the other media sources I found was Asianet, a popular TV network in India. According to Wikipedia, Asianet Communications Ltd., doing business as Asianet, is an Indian Malayalam-language television broadcaster based in Trivandrum. One thing I learned about this channel was that it is most popular among people from Kerala and the South Western regions of India, which makes sense given its location next to these areas.

According to a recent television rating (TRP) report published by BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council), 5 of the top 10 Asia Networks series are owned by Asianet Networks. This includes Kudumbasri’s diary, according to his website.


Kuthira provides access to popular TV shows for viewers who can’t stream them themselves or don’t want the hassle of illegal broadcasts.

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Kudumbavilakku is a well-known serial drama telecast on South Indian channels like Zee Keralam, Sony LIV, and Asianet. This series is about the life of a rich family – relatives and all – is about different characters and relationships. This series began airing in September 2020; it currently airs every day at 8:30 PM AEST (5 PM IST), Monday to Saturday Live Swantham Sujatha with Raja Vijayan, Balaji Manohar, Muna Ragampurakal, etc. Download the app for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. , search for Kudumbavilakku Vadamalli or Zee Keralam Kudumbavilakku.

Serial Name:        Santhanam

No. of Episodes:  400

Language:             Malayalam

Cast:                       Rajeev, Chippy Renjith, Girish Nambiar, Raksha Raj

Watch Live:          Asianet, Disney + Hotstar

Latest episode:   Available

Today episode:   Click here

Yesterday episode: Available


Websites Name kudumbavilakku vadamalli. com, kudumbavilakku, www.vadamalli. com, zee keralam, www.kuthira.com, serialdays, www vadamalli com serial and ddmalar www-thiramala-com

Known for Malayalam TV serials

Language Malayalam

Status Inactive

Movie download available No

Monthly visitors 1M+

App available no

Serial quality 360p, 480p, 720p

Popular serial Santhwanam, Kudumbavilakku, Mrs Hitler, etc.


You can find all previous seasons of Bigg Boss in Malayalam. Just Google Kudumbavilakku Bigg Malayalam boss. In seconds you will get the answer you are looking for. Click here. In the meantime, scroll down Kutira’s website and click Watch Now or Download for offline viewing. Thus, you will be able to watch all four seasons of Bigg Boss – Season 1-4 – in all their glory!


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