Where to Watch the World Cup Near Me

The best way to watch a game is with friends on a big screen, with a stable flow of excellent food and drinks. Experience that craziness, excitement, and all the fun in Hyderabad at these top sports bars, screening the matches live at the halls in parks, Restaurants, and hotels.

Where You Can Go For the World Cup Screenings

Where You Can Go For the World Cup Screenings (2)

Here are some places were people watched and enjoyed the World cup Matches and have a great fun. As follows below are the best places were people comes and enjoy during world cup seasons.

1. Hotels

Many hotels in Hyderabad, especially those in the city center and near HITEC City, have sports bars or lounges where they screen sports events. Check with the hotel you are staying at or nearby hotels to see if they host World Cup screenings.

2. Cinemas

Some cinemas in Hyderabad may screen World Cup matches on the big screen, especially if they have a history of screening sporting events. Inquire with local cinemas to see if they have any plans for screenings.

3. Restaurants and Cafes

Some restaurant and cafes in Hyderabad may set up screens for customers to watch World Cup matches while enjoying their meals. It can be a great option if you prefer a more relaxed environment.

4. Community Centers

Check with local community centers or sports clubs in Hyderabad to see if they are organizing World Cup screenings for the community.

5. Online Streaming

Consider subscribing to online streaming services with broadcasting rights in your region if you prefer to watch matches from your home or on a mobile device.

6. Sports Bars and Pubs

Hyderabad has many sports bars and pubs that often screen major sporting events. Popular areas like Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, and Hitech City are known for their nightlife and may have sports bars where you can watch World Cup matches.

7. Shopping Malls

Some shopping malls in Hyderabad, such as Inorbit Mall and Forum Sujana Mall, may set up giant screens in their common areas during major sporting events. It provides a family-friendly atmosphere for watching matches.

8. Stadium Screenings

Depending on the tournament and team involved, some matches may screen at cricket stadiums like the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium. Keep an eye on event announcements for such screenings.

9. Social Media and Event Apps

You can also stay updated on World Cup screening events in Hyderabad by following local event programs on social media platform like Facebook Twitter, and event apps like Eventbrite.

Chili’s American Grill & Bar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Chili's American Grill & Bar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Watching the Cricket World Cup in an American diner might look honest, but the laid-back feel and great food make up for it. Couples with beer and cheer with a hearty Tex-Mex meal or an American burger, and watch your favorite team hit it hard at Banjara hills, Hyd.

Hyper Local, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Hyper Local, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

During the World Cup season in Gachibowli, Celebrations done with a pint of beer. This cafe lounge comprises three portions: two indoor seating spaces and one outdoor balcony celebrating with a beer cocktail. You can scream your lungs out whenever a batter hits a boundary.

Go to this Gachibowli bar to chew on delicious food and swallow some beers in their terrace lounge. Three screens will be showing the match live so you can seat yourself wherever you elaborate — indoors or outdoors. It’s located at Mustang, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. So Don’t miss the place any time you can enjoy there.

Live Screening Bars and Cafe in Hyd

Live Screening Bars and Cafe in Hyd

If you’re looking for cafes to watch the World Cup in Hyderabad, you may want to consider places that have TV screens and lively atmosphere for sports viewing. Here are some restaurants that often screen sports events and may be suitable for watching the World Cup:

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD): CCD vents are general in Hyderabad, and some of them may have TV screens where you can watch the World Cup while enjoying coffee and snacks. Check with your nearest CCD for convenience.

Mocha Cafe: Mocha has branches in various parts of Hyderabad and is known for its comfortable atmosphere. Some branches have screens where you can watch sports, so investigate about World Cup screenings.

Cafe Bahar: A popular local cafe known for its biryani and other Hyderabadi dishes. While it may not be a sports-centric cafe, you can enjoy local cuisine while watching World Cup if they have screens.

Kavanah: Situated in Jubilee Hills, Kavanah is a cafe that serves a range of hot drink and snacks. So, they sometimes host sport screening, so check if they will be showing the World Cup.

The Roastery Coffee House: This cafe in Banjara Hills is known for its coffee and baked goods. While it may not be a loyal sports cafe, So, they might have TV screens for major events like the World Cup.

The Chocolate Room: With several locations in Hyderabad, The Chocolate Room is a self-serving cafe known for its desserts and drinks. After that some branches have screens for sports, so inquire about World Cup screenings.


Remember that the availability of live screenings can vary, so it’s a good idea to call ahead and confirm if the cafe will be showing the World Cup matches on their screens. Additionally, consider checking the match schedule and timings to plan your visit accordingly. Enjoy watching the World Cup in Hyderabad!

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