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Web Applications Write For Us

Web applications, also called web applications or web apps, are browser-based programs that can be used directly via an internet browser without prior download. Unlike a classic website, web applications are designed for user interaction and less for information.

Examples of web applications include B2B portals, shop systems, online banking apps, webmail, or online calculators.

Web Applications Write For Us

How Do Web Applications Work?

Most web applications are based on a client-server architecture, in which users initiate a request to the web server via the Internet (e.g. via a web browser or an application’s user interface). It forwards the requests to a web application server, which executes the tasks, generates a corresponding result and sends it back to the web server.

Web applications can provide almost the same functionality as locally installed software. However, since documents and data are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed flexibly, regardless of location and end device.

Web applications are usually implemented with CSS, Javascript (we like to use Vue.js) and HTML5.


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