Valheim Megingjord Belt improves the carrying capacity of your Viking. It is where you can find it!

Survivors will use many materials and assets to progress through Valheim. Players must make trips from their cabin whenever their inventory is full. An alternative is to set up a house near vital resources.

To progress through Valheim, Survivors will need to gather a ton of materials and resources. Farming wood and ores can be tedious if players move to and from their base every time their inventory fills up. There are numerous ways to resolve this problem. One choice is to build a base near essential resources.

This method will be operative in the early game, but survivors will have to roam the various biomes to defeat all of the game’s bosses and find the materials needed to upgrade their armour. The correct way to fix the problem is to increase inventory space with Megingjord’s belt and create a cart for additional packing. This guide will protect how to get the belt and craft a tank in Valheim.

The Valheim Megingjord is a belt that can be bought from Haldor.


The belt grants the player superhuman strength, letting them carry an additional 150 weights when furnished. It is signified as a result of the character.

It is equipped in the attachment slot and thus allows players to wear a full set of armour and the belt. The Megingjord collides with Wishbone, which occupies the same gear slot.

The belt is an explicit reference to Megingjörð, the strap of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. The belt shares the same abilities as the game in the mythos, granting the wearer a superhuman strong point.

When furnished, a message will seem for the player saying, “You feel stronger”.

Finding Haldor

The most systematic way to find Haldor is to travel the edges of the Black Forest. If Haldor is within 300 yards, an indicator indicates its location will appear on the map. While players may not always be successful with this technique, it will reduce the area it spawns in.

From there, players can walk through sections of the forest until she spawns. It may be easier to spot it at night when there is a campfire near its spawn point. One last way to locate Haldor is to use a world generator and enter the world seed. Some might consider this cheat, but it’s an option nonetheless.

The Megingjord Belt

All players will want to acquire the Megingjord Belt as it offers 150 additional inventory slots. Valheim’s intensive farming and storage capacity will become an issue later in the game. Players can purchase the belt for 950 Haldor Coins.

The strap is classed as an accessory, meaning it cannot be used with the Wishbone. For the price, the belt is a bargain. Farming in Valheim is calmer and more efficient with these extra spaces.

Haldor vends a few other items, which are worth mentioning. Each of them, as well as their main use, are listed below.

Ymir Flesh (120 pieces): crafting item

Dverger Circlet (620 pieces) – Light up nearby areas

Christmas Hat (100 pieces): Cosmetic

Fishing rod (350 coins) – used with bait to fish

Fishing baits (10 pieces): Pile of 50 for rod

How To Make A Cart?

The two materials needed to craft the chariot are 20 wood and 10 bronze nails. There are trees everywhere in Valheim, so growing trees won’t be a problem. Players will need a forge and a foundry to craft all 10 bronze nails. Bronze is formed by combining copper and tin.

Fortunately, the ore for these metals can be found directly in the Black Forest biome. Players will require a pickaxe to mine mineral deposits and acquire ores to smelt metals. Survivors can kiln the nails and craft the tank with the resources in hand.

Fighters can also sell rubies, silver necklaces, amber beads, and amber for over 100 coins. Inserting a portal near Haldor is good, especially when moving players from Mirkwood to more difficult biomes.

Car Use

The cart acts as an additional inventory that allows players to stock items. It will deliver the same number of slots as the backpack. Players should note that the cart will need to be transported around the map, which can be a problem in elevated areas.

The cart will also move slower when carrying heavy materials. It is important to consider the topography and the distance that the coach will need to be pulled. Using a gate near the growing area is usually a good idea.

Although the hammer does not damage the cart, it can be destroyed by enemies and trees. Survivors must position the cart far enough away when chopping wood to ensure it doesn’t get crushed by a falling tree. Trees may topple other trees like dominoes.

To be on the safe side, parking it in an open area will ensure players don’t have to leave their loot in the open world. Along with the Megingjord Belt and a cart, players will have a total of 186 slots to store their items, which is more than enough.