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Taqdeer Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4moviez

Taqdeer Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4moviez

Taqdeer Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4moviez is a 2017 Indian Telugu-language romantic action movie written and directed by Vikram K Kumar. Akkineni Nagarjuna produced the film under Annapurna Studios.

The movie stars Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Jagapati Babu, and Ramya Krishna. The music is composed by Anup Rubens. It was released on December 22, 2017.

Cast And Crew Of Taqdeer Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4moviez

Directed by Vikram Kumar

Written by Vikram Kumar

Produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna


Cinematography:  P. S. Vinod

Edited by: Prawin Pudi

Music by: Anup Rubens

Production Companies: Annapurna Studios, Manam Enterprises

Release Date: December 22, 2017

Running Time: 122 minutes

Country: India

Language: Telugu

Budget:  ₹30 crore

Box Office: Est. ₹30 crores in 1 week

Story Of Taqdeer Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4moviez

Avinash (Akhal Akineni) meets a girl in his childhood (Kalyani Priya Darshan Janu). He believes that he is like her and waits patiently for her to meet him even after becoming an adult.

In his childhood, Avinash (Akhil Akkineni as seen) meets a girl Priya (Kalyani Priyadarshan as Junnu) and fully believes that they are made for each other. After that, they part ways with her for some reason, and both patiently wait to meet her, even after they reach their teens.

Finally, after a long time (14 years, 3 months and 11 days), they meet somehow, but they don’t recognize each other, but they feel affection again. But they continue to believe that our childhood love will come, and in the end (like all stories with a happy ending), they recognize each other through waves of childhood.

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All About Taqdeer Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4moviez

Seenu has a friend named Junnu from an orphanage. He develops a very close relationship with her. But one day, the cheese family relocates to Delhi due to her father’s relocation. The day before she left, Junnu had left her phone number on a hundred rupee note to Seenu, but a thief had stolen it. The car driven by Sarojini and her husband Prakash collided with Sheen while chasing the thief for a hundred rupee note.

Seenu was adopted after being taken to the hospital after Sarojini promised Swami that he would do something good for the boy if he survived. After 14 years, Seenu (now Avinash) and Junnu (now Priya) lead a prosperous life but are not happy without each other. After listening to the tune they created when she was on the wrong call with the cart driver as a child, he finally finds her.

The driver said it was a location music fest, but a street thug stole his phone. So, he started to withdraw it to compromise with the cheese. A flashback reveals Seenu / Avinash’s journey as a happy family with Sarojini and Prakash. Junnu / Priya is sad to think of Seenu in Delhi and finds out that her father is going to America.

Before leaving for America, he finds Seenu in Hyderabad and wants to attend his close friend’s wedding. When he picks up his mother at the airport, Avinash sees Priya but does not recognize her. Priya and Avinash meet again, and Priya distributes 100 rupees to poor street children.

They meet at the wedding, but Priya, who remembers the young Seenu, runs away. Avinash follows her and accidentally breaks the bracelet, which she gives as a gift to her childhood friends and much-loved Seenu. And so, Priya broke down in anger and slapped Avinash.

More Story

For now, Avinash will get the phone back from the phone mafia. He knows that Junnu is at the Hyderabad Music Festival. At the festival, he meets Priya, who is still upset by his girlfriend’s music/wedding fight. However, they forgave each other, and Avinash gifted her a new bracelet and wished her a new life. However, in search of junnu, he went to a music stall and started playing the same tune they had created as a child.

That is to say, Junnu listened to the song and ran looking for him but could not find him. Avinash found Junnu’s 100 rupee note with his phone number and dialled the number repeatedly, but Junnu / Priya also hung up again as he was looking for the Tune Player location at Fest. She finally took the call and spoke to him, but Avinash ran out of mobile battery.

He now knows he is at the Junnu Music Festival. He revisited the music store that June had read before and last read—looking for a favourite tune player. Avinash looks at the cheese with a pessimistic look and murmurs in surprise, recognizing the cheese and the sign that she says yes, and the two hug each other.

Sound Track

Anup Rubens unruffled the music for the film. ADITYA Music Company released the music. The audio function took place in Visakhapatnam on December 7, 2017. Moreover, the film is Anup Rubens’ 50th film.

Box Office

The film earned ₹26.4 crores worldwide in four days, with a distribution portion of ₹14.38 crore. However, in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the four-day gross income was Rs 15.75 crore, with a share of Rs 10.1 crore. Taqdeer(Hello) grossed ₹34 crores in its first week.

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