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Stranger Things Season 3 123movies – Full Episodes Online Free

Stranger Things Season 3 123movies

Stranger Things Season 3 123movies – The third season of the American horror television sequence, Stranger Things 3, was released universally exclusively via the Netflix streaming service on 4 July 2019. The series has released worldwide was created by Duffer Brothers, who are also executive producers with Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Iain Paterson.

Stranger Things 3 received favourable reviews from critics, who much-admired the graphics, humour, performances (especially those of Harbor, Brown, Montgomery, and Hawke), and emotional weight, but some criticized the narrative. Repetitive and marginalization of certain characters.

More Details About Stranger Things Season 3 123movies


Country of origin: United States

Original Network: Netflix

Initial Release: 4 July 2019

How To Watch And Download Stranger Things Season 3 123movies?

You can watch and download Stranger Things Season 3 on 123 movies online. Currently, you can watch “Stranger Things – Season 3” streaming on Netflix.

A Netflix membership is the best way to watch Stranger Things and catch up before the new season ends. Netflix currently offers three subscriber plans (Basic, Standard, and Premium). These plans range from $ 8.99 / month to $ 17.99 / month. Netflix has provided Stranger Things for free for a limited time to new subscribers in the past and could do so again in the future.

You can also buy or rent the Vudu series. Please note that the service does not offer the third season. So if you’re hoping to have a quick binge before Season 4 premieres, you’ll need to switch to Netflix after completing Season 2 to watch the rest.

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More About Stranger Things Season 3 123movies

Chapter One: “Suzie, Do You Copy?” The Duffer Brothers(Director), The Duffer Brothers(Writer) Release Date: 4 July 2019

In June 1984, Soviet scientists tried to force the opening of a new door to the Upside Down. A year later, in Hawkins, the popularity of the new Starcourt mall forced many local businesses to close, angering citizens. Much to Hopper’s dismay, Mike and Eleven began a romantic relationship; he later threatens Mike by approving not to see her.

Dustin comes back from summer camp and sets up a radio tower to interact with his new girlfriend, Suzie, but he intercepts a Russian broadcast in its place. Will confidentially senses that the Mind Flayer may still be alive. The mice congregate in a mill and explode into an organic mass. On the way to a sexual encounter with Mrs Wheeler, Billy is thrown off the road by an invisible creature and dragged inside the mill.

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Chapter Two: “The Rats of the Mall” The Duffer Brothers (Director) The Duffer Brothers (Writer), Release Date: 4 July 2019

Billy escapes from the mill after the creature gives him a vision of the Upside Down, where he meets a lookalike. Haunted by other visions and rumours, Billy is guided by the beast to kidnap fellow rescuer Heather Holloway and bring her to the creature. Nancy and Jonathan, who work as interns at the Hawkins Post, investigate the home of Mrs Driscoll, an older woman worried that rabid rats are eating her fertilizer, and fail to notice that one of the mice explodes into an organic mass.

Max and Undici bond while shopping in Starcourt; Eleven breaks up with Mike after lying to her to avoid seeing her. Joyce investigates a strange loss of magnetism between objects in her home and her workplace. Dustin meets Steve, who works in the mall’s ice cream shop with Robin, a former classmate; the three translate the Russian radio message and establish that it must be a code.

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Chapter Three: “The Case of the Missing Rescuer” Shawn Levy (Director) William Bridges (Writer), Release Date: 4 July 2019

Eleven uses his powers to spy on Mike and then Billy, who senses his presence. She and Max discover that Billy is lost. Nancy and Jonathan find rumours of missing fertilizer and strange behaviours in rats throughout the city and find that Ms Driscoll eats fertilizer herself at home. Robin decodes the Russian communication, which indicates an expedition arriving in Starcourt that night; she, Steve, and Dustin locate armed Russian soldiers making the delivery.

Joyce convinces Hopper that the demagnetization came from an electromagnetic device from the abandoned Hawkins laboratory; when they examine, Grigori, a Russian warrior attacks Hopper. Max and Eleven trail down Billy and Heather at Heather’s parents’ house; After they leave, Billy and Heather subdue their parents, which Will hears, realizing that the Mind Flayer is alive.

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Chapter Four: “The Sauna Test” Shawn Levy (Director) Kate Trefry (Writer), Release Date: 4 July 2019

Billy and Heather take his parents to the mill, possessed by the Mind Flayer (now a physical creature made of mouse flesh). Hopper remembers Grigori meeting with city mayor Larry Kline; he and Joyce force Kline to reveal that the Starcourt Mall is a Russian front that buys abandoned properties in Hawkins. In Starcourt, Dustin, Steve and Robin, and Lucas’s sister Erica discover that the mall’s loading bay is an elevator, trapping them under the mall.

Nancy and Jonathan are ablaze by their boss (Heather’s father) for assaulting Ms. Driscoll; However, Nancy visits Ms. Driscoll in the hospital due to suspicion and watches her being possessed by the Mind Flayer. Will reveals his connection to the Mind Flayer to Mike, Lucas, Eleven, and Max, assuming he possessed Billy. They come up with a plan to trap Billy in the pool sauna to confirm he’s possessed, but Billy escapes and nearly kills them until Eleven submits him. Billy returns to the mill, where lots of citizens have since been possessed.

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Chapter Five: “The Flayed One” Uta Briesewitz (Director) Paul Dichter (Writer), Release Date: 4 July 2019

Hopper and Joyce search one of the unrestricted properties and discover a hidden laboratory. Grigory arrives to kill them, and they narrowly escape with a hostage – a Russian scientist named Alexei – in tow. Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica arrive at a Russian laboratory under Starcourt and hide from the Russian soldiers who unload the crates from the elevator. While attempting to find a communication room, the group discovers a large test area where scientists open a portal to the Upside Down.

Since Alexei doesn’t speak English, Hopper and Joyce take him to Murray, the only Russian-speaking one they know, to translate. Grigori tries to follow them but loses track. Nancy and Jonathan reunite with Will, Mike, Lucas, Eleven, and Max, then theorize that Billy and Driscoll are both possessed by the Mind Flayer, who uses them to “skin” (possess) people to create an army. The group decides to visit Driscoll at the hospital to find out more, but they find her missing.

They are criticized by Tom and Bruce, who are today Flayed who, after Nancy and Jonathan kill them, dissolve into a single Mind Flayer-like organic mass.

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Chapter Six: “E Pluribus Unum” Uta Briesewitz (Director) Curtis Gwinn (Writer), Release Date: 4 July 2019

Eleven, who had just reconciled with Mike, uses her powers to deactivate the Mind Flayer, forcing him to flee to the mill. In the Russian lab under Starcourt, Steve and Robin are captured, drugged, and interrogated, but Dustin and Erica save them. With Murray interpreting, Hopper and Joyce hold Alexei hostage, compelling him to reveal that the Russians are trying to gain access to Upside Down and that they open a portal under Starcourt. Hopper calls Owens to advise the U.S. government of the threat, but Joyce insists they return to Hawkins immediately, fearing their children may be involved. Grigori cornered Kline at the Hawkins Independence Day Fair, asking her to step up her efforts to find Hopper. Mike inadvertently admits his love for Eleven.

To discover the Mind Flayer, Eleven uses her powers to attempt to psychically communicate with Billy, learning of her bothered childhood and finding the Flayer at the mill. Billy senses Eleven’s incident, giving the Mind Flayer admits to her location, and reveals that Mind Flayer plans to kill her to avenge her by closing the door. The Flayed One converges towards the mill, dissolving into an organic mass and merging with the Mind Flayer.

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Chapter Seven: “The Bite” The Duffer Brothers (Director) The Duffer Brothers (Writer), Release Date: 4 July 2019

Eleven and the others determine that the Mind Flayer is coming for her because she had previously closed the door. Will senses the Mind Flayer is approaching and attacks them before they escape, injuring Eleven. Dustin and Erica drag junkies Steve and Robin to the Starcourt movie theatre. The group of Eleven breaks into a supermarket to help heal her wounds and collect more supplies. Dustin contacts them via walkie-talkie to try to explain their situation before losing the battery.

Eleven uses her influences to find Dustin, and the group sets off for the mall. Steve confesses he has feelings for Robin, but she tells him she’s a lesbian. Hopper’s group travels to the Hawkins Fair to find the children, spotted by Kline, who warns the Russians. Grigori shoots down Alexei in front of Murray. Murray, Hopper, and Joyce run away from several Soviet agents and discover that the agents are looking for the children at the mall. Eleven’s group arrives at the mall to stop the Russians from shooting Dustin’s group. Eleven collapses in front of the children, the wound throbbing.

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Chapter Eight: “The Battle of Starcourt” The Duffer Brothers (Director) The Duffer Brothers (Writer) Release Date: 4 July 2019

Eleven throws the piece of Mind Flayer embedded in her wound, rendering her helpless. Hopper’s group reaches, and plans save Eleven’s group, as Hopper, Joyce, and Murray destroy the car, with Dustin and Erica guiding them from his radio tower. Billy and Mind Flayer deceive Eleven’s group at the mall. The others attack the Mind Flayer with firecrackers as Eleven releases Billy from his control. Billy sacrifices himself to protect Eleven.

Hopper fights and kills Grigori, finding himself stuck with the machine in the process. Out of time, Joyce must trigger the explosion, closing the door but killing Hopper. The Mind Flayer dies when Dr. Owens arrives with the military. Three months ahead, the deaths are covered up, Starcourt is destroyed, and a disgraced Kline is arrested. The Byers family and eleven, still helpless, prepare to leave Hawkins. Mike and Eleven confess their love and plan to meet over Thanksgiving. Russian guards are ordered to feed a prisoner in Kamchatka, but “not the American,” a captive Demogorgon.

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Accolades Of Stranger Things Season 3 123movies

As a fragment of the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, Stranger Things received a nomination for the Choice Summer television show. Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, and Noah Schnapp were all nominated for Actor Choice Summer TV for their work on the series. In contrast, Millie Bobby Brown was nominated for Actress Choice Summer TV for her work on the series. Stranger Things, Schnapp, and Brown all won honors in their respective categories.


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