Soccer players are increasingly replenishing their channels – From the times when we just went to the stadium to watch a football match or cheer with our favorite team with the battery-powered radio glued to our ears, a lot has changed. Even live football on television is no longer new.

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However, football fans now can also follow their favorite players and clubs on social media and even on Youtube, where they post videos about training, match facts, and much more.

In order to help us understand this increase in football players’ channels and sports channels online, we’ve talked to expert Kate Richardson.

Soccer Players Are Increasingly Replenishing Their Channels

Modernization of the Football Market

The football market has adapted to the increasingly frequent demands for modernization and insertion in the digital and online era.

It is also a way to win fans, diversify products, increase revenue, value player negotiations, expand industries and attract new investors, which also impacts the performance of clubs in championships. Uploading videos to YouTube is now something normal for big football clubs and many fans follow their content daily.

Because of that, they have to focus on YouTube channel development to keep on posting videos and content to give their fans enough information about their club.

The year 2022 will be a milestone in the consolidation of sports streaming platforms and the fragmentation of broadcasting rights for football championships on TV, which will certainly change how things work for those who enjoy watching football matches.

Instead of having a TV service, they will only have to pay for the streaming that will have their favorite leagues and follow them on any media they prefer. This, however, can make it more expensive, as it is possible that each streaming platform will provide just a number of football competitions and not all of them.

Soccer Players on the Internet

A study was released on Tuesday, 16, by Fifpro, an entity that represents professional Soccer players, with consultancy KPMG shows which are the most popular football players on social networks.

The Shaping Our Future survey compiles economic data and information on working conditions in men’s football around the world. The modality was analyzed in 79 countries, combining mappings made by Fifpro and KPMG. One of the clippings of the study brings a ranking of the most popular football players on the main social networks.

Who leads the list is the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who is counted by the British portal Daily Mail and has already reached the mark of half a billion followers on the networks.

Higher popularity than clubs – Soccer Players Are Increasingly Replenishing Their Channels

To measure the influence of athletes on these platforms, the research made a comparison between them and their clubs.

The top six most popular footballers on social media have more followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter than their respective teams’ official profiles.

Only two athletes on the network’s most-followed list do not hold this position of being more popular than their employers. According to Fifpro and KPMG, for some players, social media has opened a new door to brand building and financial compensation.

These soccer players make videos of advertisements, showing their daily routine and also their training, interacting with fans, and helping in the connection between the football fan and their idol.

Although internet content has also helped in the source of income for these players, not everyone can count on them in the long term. The focus really wants to be on football, because that’s where most of the money will come from.

Soccer Players Are Increasingly Replenishing Their Channels

Most popular players on social media – and their clubs

Here is the list of the 5 most popular football players on Instagram, based on the number of followers, and for which clubs they play.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Man. United)
  2. Lionel Messi (PSG)
  3. Neymar (PSG)
  4. Kylian Mbappe (PSG)
  5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan)

Of those five listed above, only Mbappe doesn’t have more followers than the club’s official page – PSG has 4 million more than the Frenchman.