Mauna Ragam 2 (Silent Symphony) is a 2021 Indo-Tamil language television series that will premiere on 1 February, 2021, starring Vijay and Raveena Daha Shilpa Rahul Ramachandran and Salmanul Faris. It is a spiritual sequel to Mauna Ragam.

Cast And Crew Of Mouna Ragam 2

Genre – Musical Romance Family Drama

Written by Priya Thampi

Directed by Thai Selvam


Raveena Daha

Salmanul Faris


Rahul Ramachandran

Theme music composer –  M. Jayachandran (Title Song)

Harinarayanan (lyrics) – Sananth George (Background Score)

Country of origin – India

Original language – Tamil

No. of seasons – 2

No. of episodes – 1100 (as of combining both the seasons)

Producer – Chippy Renjith

Production Locations – Ponmudi Trivandrum

Cinematography – C. Jaya Kumar, Amirtha Raj Saravanan Venkatesh

Editor – G.Pa Vinoth

Camera setup – Multi-camera

Running time approx. 22–24 minutes per episode

Production company – Avanthika Creations


Original network – Star Vijay

Picture format – 576i

HDTV -1080i

Original release 1 February 2021

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All About Mouna Ragam 2

Mouna Ragam 2 – Watch And Download Tamil Weekly TV Series

Twelve years later, Shakti and Mallika live in Kodaikanal. A concert is going on in a nearby temple. Karthi and Shruti come. Someone who knows Shakti said that Shruti can’t sing so Shakti sings well. Shakti accepts as she earns money for her mother’s surgery. Karthik is impressed by Shakti’s song but he doesn’t notice that it is Shakti as she says her name as Sathya and misinformation about her family. Shakti’s name was changed to Satya.

One day, Shakti received an email from a school in Chennai asking her to be a music teacher. It is the school of Karthik, but Shakti does not know it. The next day, Mallika learns that Karthik sang Shakti with Krishna and scolds Shakti, but later forgives her. And then, she urges Malliga if they can go, but Mallika refuses. However, she has to undergo surgery in Chennai, but only if she promises not to contact her family when her health worsens.

Shakti and Mallika left for Chennai

Kadambari wants Shruti and Varun to get married, but Karthik initially disagrees but later agrees. However, Shruti wants to marry Tarun (Varun’s brother) and they think of marrying her. But Tarun falls in love with Shakti. A few days after her arrival, Shakti learns that her father is the school’s owner but hides it from Mallika. One day, Karthik knows about Varun’s health condition and blames Manoharan (Varun and Tarun’s father) for hiding it.

Mouna Ragam 2 – Watch And Download Tamil Weekly TV Series

Tarun’s 25th birthday, Shruti is about to propose to Tarun, but Tarun offers to Sakthi and hurts Shruti. But Shakti disagrees as she tells Tarun not to love her. At the same time, Mallika learns that Shakti works at Karthik’s school, and she is stunned. Shakti comes home to find her unconscious and in a panic. Then Tarun and Sheela (Manoharan’s sister) take him to the hospital. The doctor said surgery should be done soon, but it will cost five lakhs. Tarun offers to help her, but Shakti refuses and asks her to leave the hospital. Shruti comes to the hospital and says she can give the money, but again Shakti disagrees.

Varun Tries To Kill Himself

A nurse says he has a website where he posts videos asking for money and gets Rs 1 lakh. Kadambari watches the video and asks the nurse for Shakti’s mother’s information and name. The nurse lies and gives another name. Kadambari asks her to delete the video and says she will pay the nurse to delete it, but Kadambari hates Satya and suspects her power. The doctor says anything can happen in Mallika’s life at any time. Karthik’s family misbehaves with Varun, so he faces a dilemma. He is rude to his family and tries to kill himself, but Shakti stops him from committing suicide.

Inspired by Varun’s words, Shakti tells him that he loves him. However, Manohar comes to the hospital and donates 5 lakh rupees for the treatment of Mallika, but her position with Shakti is her marriage to Varun. She accepted the dowry and got married. Tarun is shocked to see Shakti as a sister-in-law. To marry Tarun, the trio (Shruti, Kadambari and Rukmini) team up with Sheela and try to get Tarun to marry Shruti. As Shruti had expected, Varun discovers that Tarun and Shakti love each other and begins to hate Shakti. Varun opens the truth to Shakti, who then leaves the house. Varun realizes the truth only to find that Tarun fell in love with Shakti, not Shakti.

Finally, Varun goes in search of Shakti and finds her. Shakti reveals her true identity to Varun, Manohar, Sheela and Tarun. They are shocked to see that Shakti’s father is Karthik.

Release Of Mouna Ragam 2

The first promo was released on 11 January 2021, featuring the cast, while a second promo was released on 28 January 2021, revealing the release date.

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