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Mila Kunis briefly appeared in “Ted 2,” but her role in the film was smaller than in the first “Ted” movie. In “Ted 2,” Mila Kunis’s character, Lori Collins, appears in a cameo during the film’s opening scene. The scene occurs at Ted and Tami-Lynn’s wedding, where Lori briefly attends the ceremony. After this initial appearance, her character does not play a significant role in the rest of the film’s storyline.

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While Mila Kunis’s presence in “Ted 2” is limited, the film primarily focuses on the legal battle and comedic misadventures of the central characters, Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and John (played by Mark Wahlberg), as they prove Ted’s personhood and fight for his civil rights.

Important Points on Mila Kunis Ted 2

Mila Kunis is an American actress born on August 14, 1983, in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. She is best known for her work in film and television and has gained fame for her roles in comedic and dramatic projects. Here are some important points about Mila Kunis.

1. Early Life and Immigration

Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine, part of the Soviet Union. Her family moved to the United States when she was seven, settling in Los Angeles, California.

2. Acting Career

Mila Kunis began acting at a young age, appearing in commercials and television series. Her breakthrough came in 1998 when she was cast as Jackie Burkhart in the popular television series “That ’70s Show,” which ran for eight seasons until 2006.

3. Film Success

After “That ’70s Show,” Kunis transitioned to a successful film career. She appeared in various movies, including “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (2008), “Max Payne” (2008), “The Book of Eli” (2010), and “Black Swan” (2010). Her role in “Black Swan” alongside Natalie Portman earned her critical acclaim and several award nominations.

4. Voice Acting

Kunis also hired her voice to the character Meg Griffin in the animated TV series “Family Guy” from 1999 until 2003. She changed for a short-term period before returning to the role in 2005.

5. Personal Life

Mila Kunis has been in a long-term relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher, whom she met during their “That ’70s Show” days. They got married in 2015 and also have two children together.

6.  Awards and Recognitions

Throughout her career, Kunis has received several awards and nominations for acting, including a Golden Globe nomination for her role in “Black Swan.” She has featured the world’s most beautiful and leading women on various lists.

7  Production Career

In addition to her acting work, Mila Kunis has put forward into production. She co-founded the production company “Orchard Farm Productions” with Susan Curtis and has difficulty producing various film and television projects.

Why is Mila Kunis not in Ted 2?

Why is Mila Kunis not in Ted 2_

Mila Kunis did not appear in the movie “Ted 2” because her character, Lori Collins, was not part of the film’s storyline. “Ted 2” is the follow-up to the 2012 comedy film “Ted,” in which Mila Kunis played the role of Lori, the girlfriend of the main character, John Bennett, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg.

The absence of Mila Kunis’s character was a creative decision made by the filmmakers for the follow-up plot. Instead of focusing on John’s romantic relationship with Lori, “Ted 2” explores a different storyline involving Ted, the talking teddy bear, who faces a legal battle to prove his personhood and gain the right to marry his girlfriend, Tami-Lynn, played by Jessica Barth.

The absence of Lori’s character allowed the filmmakers to explore new comedic situations and dynamics in the film. While Mila Kunis did not repeat her role in “Ted 2,” many original cast members, including Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane (who voices Ted), returned for the sequel.

What Happened To Mila Kunis In Ted 2? Why She Wasn’t In The Second Film

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Mila Kunis did not appear in “Ted 2” because her character, Lori Collins, was written out of the story. The film explains that Lori and Ted (the talking teddy bear) divorced between the events of the first film, “Ted,” and the second. The reason for her absence in “Ted 2” was primarily a creative decision by the filmmakers, as they chose to focus on different aspects of the story and introduce new characters.

Amanda Seyfried joined the cast of “Ted 2” as Samantha Jackson, a new character who played a significant role in the sequel alongside Mark Wahlberg’s characters, John Bennett and Ted. The absence of Mila Kunis’ character allowed for a fresh dynamic in the film’s plot.

It’s worth noting that Mila Kunis has stated in interviews that she was happy to take a smaller role in the sequel as she was busy with other projects at the time, and the change in the story allowed her to have more flexibility in her schedule.

Will Lori Ever Return?

“Ted 2,” Mila Kunis’ character, Lori Collins, was not included in the story, and it was explained that Lori and Ted’s relationship had ended in divorce between the events of the first film, “Ted,” and the sequel. The reason for her absence was primarily a creative decision made by the filmmakers to focus on different characters and storylines.

As for whether Lori will ever return to the “Ted” film series depends on the creative direction the filmmakers choose for future installments. Interestingly enough, Kunis was not the first choice to play Lori. When first coming up with casting choices, she and MacFarlane thought she was too young for the role. Kunis even tried to help him by suggesting several other actresses she thought might be more suitable. “And then, at one point, it got to where I got old enough to do the movie.


Mila Kunis is a talented actress with a diverse body of work, a successful career in both television and film, and a positive influence through her charitable efforts. Her contribution to the entertaining industry and her status as a cultural icon continue to celebrated by her fans and the industry.

Mila Kunis is a talented and versatile actress known for her work in film and television. Her acting skills, beauty, and charisma have garnered acclaim throughout her career.

She successfully transitioned from television to film, delivering notable performances.

Mila Kunis gained recognition for her role as Jackie Burkhart in the popular TV series “That ’70s Show,” which threw her to fame in the late 1990s.


Who is John’s girlfriend in Ted?

Lori Collins is his girlfriend. John is dating Lori Collins, whom he met at a dance club. As their fourth-anniversary tactics, Lori hopes to marry John, but he feels he can not move forward in life with Ted around.

Who does Ted marry in Ted 2?

Ted marries Tami-Lynn in Ted John Bennett has divorced Lori Collins for five months. In the meantime, his best friend, Ted, marries his girlfriend, Tami-Lynn. One year later, following a heated argument, they decide to have a child.

Why did Mila Kunis not come back to play Lori?

Mila Kunis did not come back to play Lori because she was pregnant.

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