frankspeech com is a website launched at the beginning of March 2021. Mike Lindel announced his intention to launch Frank in early March 2021 and said he has been working on it for a long period. The website was firstly called “Vocl” and had the domain, but Lindell changed the name to “Frank” after an accident that the owner of the site “Vocl” created. The site is sometimes referred to as “Frank Speech”.

Frank, now frankspeech com, is an American site launched on April 19, 2021. frankspeech com was positioned as a technological alternative to chat-based social networking services. However, he does not have the power of accessible interpersonal interaction.frankspeech com

About frankspeech com

frankspeech com is one of the hallmarks of our constitutional republic, enshrined in the Bill of Rights. It is no coincidence that countries that enjoy freedom of speech have systems of free enterprise and freedom of religion. Conversely, states that deny free speech trample on free enterprise and religious freedom. Americans want to stay free. Americans want news and information not filtered through the radical worldview of today’s liberal media intellectuals or Deep State actors.

Frank, the voice of frankspeech com, will be the platform for Americans who want to protect life, right, and all the freedoms that have marked America as the oldest constitutional republic in the world. Frank will be a home for main influencers, micro-influencers, and average Americans who want to share their legal right to free speech and expression. On the frankspeech com platform, you’ll find a home where you can post videos, stream live TV, distribute news and information, and find community and fellowship with like-minded Americans.

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Information About frankspeech com

Seller – FrankSpeech LLC

Size – 34 MB

Category – Social Networking

Compatibility –

iPhone requires iOS 12.0

iPod touch requires iOS 12.0

Mac requires macOS 11.0

Mac with Apple M1 chip

Apple TV requires tvOS 13.0

Languages – English

Age Rating – 17+

Copyright – 2022

Price – Free

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frankspeech com – A voice of free speech

Frank will be a platform for Americans who want to protect life, liberty, and all the freedoms that make America the oldest legitimate republic in the world. frankspeech com will be a home for main influencers, micro-influencers, and average Americans who want to share their constitutional right to free speech and appearance. We hope you will join our public and let freedom ring.

On Frank Speech

Frankness has certain limits in a society that prides itself on its openness.

In Athens in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Parrhesia, meaning “frank speech,” is a central term for pride in democratic self-concept. It is sometimes translated as “freedom of speech.” Still, this interpretation is not entirely appropriate in our contemporary American context, as it gives rise to the notion of a right, as in the First Amendment, whereas the word honesty is a quality. The role of honest speech in democratic culture is worth considering, especially in light of the renewed zeal surrounding political correctness.


The Greeks, known for their ethnocentrism, adopted it as a distinctively Hellenic quality, contrary to the obsequiousness of those (in the East) who were content to live under despotism. The Athenians further narrowed their circle of ethnocentrism, openly claiming that dialogue was what distinguished their own radically democratic city from the rest of the Hellenic world, which had never risen to oust their local tyrants or had to submit to the council rule. Ancient men, like in Sparta. These distinctions were often analyzed in terms of gender: flattery was effeminate while speaking honestly was a distinctly democratic form of masculinity.

Criticism Of Self-perceptions

Indeed, these self-perceptions have been criticized and ridiculed by contemporary philosophers and comedians. The democratic spirit may seem to others a self-congratulatory form of resentment-based moral aggression. A common understanding was that the demagogue (literally, “leader of the people”), central to democratic politics, was the flatterer of the demos. Frankness has certain limits in a society that prides itself on its openness. With his usual gruffness, the playwright Aristophanes suggests that the power of a democratic politician’s voice—the sheer amount of hot air he can expel—is to be understood with the analogy of a fart and is simply a function of the voice. The hole through which it comes out. (It takes a lot of abuse to succeed in democratic politics, i.e., a lot of flattery.)

frankspeech com was Ideal

Frankspeech was the ideal not only of politics in the narrow sense but also of democratic social relations; It was a mode of mutual address based on citizens’ political equality and upheld their freedoms. It reverberated with another Hellenic ideal: exercising naked in public. As the saying goes, the Persian was not willing to leave those simple traditional marks of distinction with his beauty and other symbols and present himself naked as a man to compete with others on the wrestling field. In the gym, as in the assembly, equality was the condition which enabled a true Greek to show himself to others in word and deed and thus to compete for honour. In this match, he will discover his true worth.

Yet frank speech was the ideal not only of politics in the narrow sense but also of democratic social relations; It is a form of address to the Athenians who surrendered their freedom based on the political equivalence of citizens. This resonated with another Hellenic ideal: exercising naked in public. As the saying goes, the Persian was unwilling to abandon these traditional marks of distinction with his beauty and other symbols and present himself naked as a man to face others on the wrestling field. In the gym, as in the assembly, equality was the condition which enabled a true Greek to show himself to others in word and deed and thus to enter into the contest of honour. In this match, he will learn his true worth.

Comment On Tocqueville

Tocqueville must have had something similar in mind when he wrote that political freedom of expression “creates the light which enables one to see and judge the vices and virtues of men”. Interestingly, with this statement, Tocqueville reinforces the epistemological importance of political freedom: it allows us to see and judge.

Political philosopher Pierre Manent commented on Tocqueville, “A human commune, where the exchange of public words and deeds brings individuals into contact with nature, against nature, with their virtues and vices, and without their traditional inequality We enter through an open dialogue. They value equality to hide from their or others’ eyes. It is also able.

Through frank speech, political philosopher Pierre Manant commented on Tocqueville, “The exchange of words and public actions pits individuals against nature, common humanity in contact without their own merits or demerits. . . Conventional inequality or equality hides from their eyes or the eyes of others what they value and are capable of.”

Political Freedom has a Telling Effect

Conversely, when there are taboos preventing speech, something is covered. Abstracts represent social reality, and as this is relegated to the samizdat of e-mails between associates, public discourse converts merely formal, a kabuki dance of authoritative gestures, sure attitudes and reflexive verbal formulas.

But these forms are not equally prevalent in society. “Politically selective speech,” as my friend Matt Frost calls it, has become the signal to signal a certain sensibility and ranks high. Education plays an important role here. Universities have long since embraced a concrete idea of ​​what it means to be educated; They now present themselves as protectors of the upper middle class. But lately, it’s become a tough sell. In an email, Frost writes, “As a four-year college degree becomes an increasingly questionable ‘investment’ in upcoming earnings, this is one way for the higher education industry to survive: as a modern finishing school”, they need to advance in the world.

Frankspeech And Donald Trump

frankspeech com

Donald Trump intends to recognize the sorting function of frankspeech com and build a new class war around it. By valuing interests over gestures, he successfully portrays the sensitivity and inclusiveness that shapes the self-image of those in the global economy. Wisely, however, Trump managed to raise the quasi-Marxist consciousness of the working class by exposing the culture war as a front for class warfare. Both parties have been committed to this strategy for a long time.

For Republicans, the winning formula for decades has been to offer the culture war like red meat to voters, then turn around and serve the donor class. It’s sheer cynicism. For Democrats, the driving force is moral vanity – the tendency to allow the easy pleasures of justice for the kind of public spirit that places real demands on us. The right and the left need each other to maintain the usual culture wars, but Trump short-circuits the whole arrangement. No wonder both parties are nervous.

History is besieged with the ruined reputations of intellectuals who fell in love with the powerful and the eloquent; I don’t want to join them. But let us not pass too quickly through this extraordinary moment when the corruption of our parties will finally appear for inspection and thus for ultimate redress. The most fundamental remedy for hope is that open speech can one day regain its place at the heart of democratic social relations.

frankspeech com – July 2022 Traffic Stats

frankspeech com

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In July, received 935.6K visits with an average session duration of 10:33. Compared to June, traffic to has increased by 17.7%.

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frankspeech com

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Frankspeech com’s audience also visits    Visits:114,987

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frankspeech com

Frank is a new traditional broadcast network and video platform. frankspeech com is a great source of conservative news, videos, and information for Americans.

frankspeech com Ranking

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Global Rank

Country Rank In United States

Category RankNews & Media Publishers
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