Etrain Info Running Status: The process is straightforward for those who want to check the real-time train running status or the exact location of any train. You can easily check the quality of the train running in real-time or if there are any cancellations, cancellations or delays. You have multiple options to fit the train running status live via phone, SMS, or online at or

What is ETrain status?

What is ETrain status

The Etrain status website is a one-stop solution for all your train queries. We provide PNR status, live train status, train schedule and timetable, coach position and many others at your fingertips. From the ease of your mobile, you can access all services at breakneck speed. We bet ETrain Status will be your travelling companion on all your journeys on Indian Railways.

PNR Status:

Every time a passenger makes a booking for their journey through Indian Railways, they are assigned a ten-digit number called a PNR number. PNR is an acronym for Passenger Name Record and is found in the Indian Railways Computer Reservation System (IR-CRS) database.

The PNR presents all the details related to a passenger and includes the passenger’s name, age, gender, booking status and ticket status columns. In the case of unconfirmed tickets, passengers are assigned a waiting list status. Most of the time, the passengers book the travel tickets well in advance to get confirmed tickets.

PNR Status

If the quota of confirmed tickets is filled, the passengers are given a waiting list status. Indian Railways prepares the chart with details of confirmed passengers along with their PNR number three hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the starting station.

Train tickets are usually booked well in advance, and many travellers cancel their travel tickets in the event of a change in the travel schedule. Therefore, passengers with waitlisted status would be upgraded to confirmed status. The process is similar to the tickets booked under the Tatkal quota, where passengers can book tickets a day before their journey. But Tatkal prices are a little higher than tickets booked through general booking.

The PNR status allows the passenger’s standby status to check their ticket booking status from time to time. They can do that until they prepare the final painting. One can check the PNR status in several ways, like Indian Railways’ official website, IRCTC, NTES, ETrain Status Trainman, Rail Yatri, MakeMyTrip, eRail, Cleartrip and more.

Trains Between Stations:

Indian Railways (IR) has a vast network of rail connections across the country. To keep travellers informed about the trains that run between stations, IR has a database called trains between stations. It contains the list of trains between stations, the distance between stations, operating days, train schedules and many other options. With these features, passengers would know the list of trains running between two stations, their scheduled arrival and departure, train map, the status of trains between stations, etc. Many websites and apps provide comprehensive information between two stations. At ETrain Status, we provide accurate information related to trains between stations.

Train Running Status:

Live Train Status is an excellent feature offered by Indian Railways which shows the live running status of almost all trains. You can also check the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the destination and the current location of the train. With this information, passengers can plan their journey accordingly and arrive at the boarding station at the right time in case of delays. This reduces the inconvenience of travellers having to wait long hours at the station in the event of train delays. The delayed train live status information will be inconvenient, especially when travelling on the train. At ETrain Status, we never miss an opportunity to provide you with first-class service. Our website provides real-time live status updates of the train you are travelling on.

Running status suggestions is the fastest way to check live train status and spot trains in real-time. Eliminate the hassle of visiting train counters or help desks in the middle of your journey for station-related queries. With live running status, passengers can also get details like the platform number the train is arriving at, the next station, information related to an intermediate station and more. There are many websites and apps to check the train running status online anytime.

Live ETrain Running Status: How to check online

Live ETrain Running Status_ How to check online

If you are wondering how to check live train status, IRCTC train status or live train status, don’t worry. It’s pretty easy. Here are the following steps you need to follow to check the train running status in real-time:

1 Step: Go to the official IRCTC website or other websites showing Live Train Running Status

2 Step: Click on Live Train Running Status

3 Step: Enter the required details

4 Step: Live Train Running Status will be displayed on your screen

5 Step: It will show your present train location, station name, time of arrival, time of departure, stoppage duration, the distance between two stations, and information about the delay.

Live ETrain Running Status: How to check through SMS

SMS ‘AD’ to 139

E.g., AD 12002 0755

Live Train Running Status on IRCTC: How to check via phone

Dial Railway Enquiry Number: Call 139

Live ETrain Status: What will be shown when you check your Live Train Running Status

Serial Numbers of Stations where the train stops

Name & Station Code of Stations where the train stops

Train Arrival Time

Train Departure Time

Any delays or early arrival of the train

Current Position: Arrived / Departed / Estimated

Scheduled Arrival Time

Scheduled Arrival Time

Stoppage time at that station

Platform Number where the train will stop

Number of days of train travel

Distance covered from the origin station

Live Train Status: How can I track my train on a map

Live Train Status_ How can I track my train on a map

You can click on the indicated points on the map. Then you will see the station’s name, arrival and departure time and all other details mentioned above.

What is Live Train Running Status:

Live Train Running Status means the exact location of any train or if it is delayed, cancelled or any other changes. Do note the ‘Last Reported Location’ and ‘Estimated Time of Arrival’ at upcoming stoppages.

Live Train Running Status IRCTC: Top 20 Trains

12906 – HOWRAH – PORBANDAR Aradhana SF Express

22686 – CHANDIGARH – YESVANTPUR Karnataka S Kranti Exp

15707 – KATIHAR – AMRITSAR Amrapali Express

13005 – HOWRAH – AMRITSAR Mail Express

12312 – KALKA – HOWRAH Kalka Mail



12101 – MUMBAI LTT – HOWRAH Jnaneswari Super Deluxe SF Exp


22939 – HAPA – BILASPUR SF Express

15631 – BARMER – GUWAHATI Express




16311 – BIKANER – KOCHUVELI Express

20810 – H SAHIB NANDED – SAMBALPUR Nagavali SF Express

15707 – KATIHAR – AMRITSAR Amrapali Express

11071 – MUMBAI LTT – VARANASI Kamayani Express

16311 – BIKANER – KOCHUVELI Express

15933 – DIBRUGARH – AMRITSAR Weekly Express