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Customer Identification Form – How to Get SBI CIF Number?

Meaning Of The Customer Identification (CIF) File/Form

The customer identification file, or CIF number in general, is an 11-digit electronic number that contains all the personal information of the bank’s customers. It is also called a customer information file. It holds the loan, KYC, proof of identity, and DEMAT details on all accounts held by the consumer at the bank.

Understanding The Customer Identification File

The customer identification file is intended to keep all the required customer information about various bank accounts and departments in one secure place. It is electronic and non-transferable and unique to each client. The personal data held usually contains KYC (Know Your Customer) details, banking information such as loan and transaction specifications, and a summary, among other statistics, such as identity details such as birthday, date, etc. ‘age, etc. Log in to any bank account.

It helps reduce confusion, fraud, or errors in providing effective customer service and reception. When the bank or the account holder needs the account information, only they can access it easily. It is therefore kept in the greatest secrecy. It is also sometimes used as a marketing tool to offer new products, diagrams, and guides.

Highlights Of The Customer Identification File

The CIF can only be shared with selected people, i.e., the bank, the account holder, and the applicants.

Account-holders can use the CIF to gather information from online portals, savings books, bank customer service, and bank executives as needed.

The CIF number contains personal and sensitive information as it contains traces of one-time passwords, PAN details, identity documents, and bank details of multiple accounts at the bank.
Banks can also access the number by decoding the 11 digits to overview any customer’s account information. It becomes essential when sanctioning loans and transactions occur.

How to Get SBI CIF Number Through SMS, Online, Statement, and Offline?

The CIF number refers to a file on a bank’s computer system that includes various personal and account information of all of the bank’s customers. The number is one of the most critical information for banks nowadays because it helps track the account data of a correct account holder. CIF) stands for Customer Information Form. Therefore, the customer information form contains numbers, called CIF numbers.

It is a unique number associated with a computerized file containing all the bank customer’s personal and banking information. The digital file, also known as CIF, is represented by an 11-digit number. This file includes information on customer loans and Demat accounts. It also contains your KYC information, such as your address, credentials, and proof of identity with photos.

How To Get The CIF Number Of The SBI Account By SMS?

You can use your email address if you don’t have an online bank account. You must register your bank account with your email address to use this form. And also, you can easily send an electronic bank statement request via SMS. You can find your CIF number on your bank statement. To receive the e-statement, send an SMS from the registered mobile number.

When you receive an electronic bank statement, open the PDF file to view your CIF number. There is still no direct way to send messages and know your CIF number.

It is not possible to acquire the CIF SBI number from an unlisted contact number. You can also find out via online banking, the YONO SBI lite app, or by calling the SBI toll-free number and talking to bank branch agents or customer service representatives.

How To Get The CIF Number Of SBI Accounts Offline?

Booklet: The CIF number can be found in the brochure. Check the CIF number on the bottom of the first page of the brochure.

Customer Service: You can get your CIF number by calling the SBI Hotline. The executive may ask you for information to verify your identity after placing the call. Then you can ask them for a CIF number. 1800112211 or 18004253800 for SBI customer service.

How to get an SBI CIF number from internet banking? If you have SBI Internet Banking
Access, you can log in and verify your CIF number by following simple steps.

[Step 1]: Connect to the SBI net banking site.

[Step 2]: Click on the “My Account and Profile” tab.

[Step 3]: Open the “account summary”

[Step 4]: Click “Show Nominations and PAN”

[Step 5]: On the next screen t, the CIF number is visible

Another way to find out is to click on the summary of your statement. Select the account number and select the period for the bank statement. And then click the Submit button. The CIF number will be present on the bank statement.

How To Get An SBI CIF Number From SBI Yono Lite?

[Step 1]: Log in with your account details to the SBI Yono application.

[Step 2]: Click on the Services tab

[Step 3]: On the next screen, click on Online Appointment

[Step 4]: Select the account type on “Transaction Account”

[Step 5]: Select the account number.

Your CIF number will be visible. A bank creates CIF for a customer only once. After that, the same CIF number would be for all customer accounts in that bank. If you cannot get the CIF number of the State Bank of India using the methods mentioned above, you can visit the branch of the local bank to get it.

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