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Computer NetworkingComputer networks refer to interconnected computing devices that can communicate and share resources. These network devices use a system of rules called communication protocols to transfer information using physical or wireless technologies.

How Does A Computer Network Work?

Nodes and links are the elementary building blocks of computer networks. A network node can be data communication equipment (DCE) such as a modem, hub, or switch, or data terminal equipment (DTE) such as two or more computers and printers. A channel refers to a transmission medium that connects two nodes. Links such as cables, optical fibers, or free-space wireless networks can be physical.

In a functioning computer network, nodes follow rules or protocols that determine how to send and receive electronic data via links. The computer network architecture determines the design of these physical and logical components. It provides specifications for the network’s physical components, functional organization, protocols, and procedures.

What Do Computer Networks Do?

Computer networks were first created in the late 1950s for military and defense purposes. They were originally used to transmit data over telephone lines and had limited commercial and scientific use. However, with Internet technologies, a computer network has become indispensable for business.

Modern networking solutions provide more than connectivity. Today, they are critical to digital transformation and business success. Basic network functions have become more programmable, automated, and secure.

Modern computer networks can:

  • Operate virtually
  • Integrate on a large scale
  • Respond quickly to changing conditions
  • Provide data security

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