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Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Simply put, AI is the attempt to transfer human learning and thinking to the computer and thus give it intelligence. Instead of being programmed for every purpose, an AI can find answers and solve problems independently.

The aim of AI research has always been to understand the function of our brain and mind on the one hand and to be able to recreate it on the other artificially.

Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Artificial Intelligence In Science Fiction And Reality

The dream of artificial intelligence is older than the computer – we know it from books and films.

The term “artificial intelligence” has hitherto mainly been used in science fiction and usually means robots or computers that can think and act independently.

However, when we talk about AI in today’s world, it has little to do with what we know from films and books. In real life, we only encounter AIs in a hidden way – when new products are recommended to us on Amazon, when people are automatically recognized in photos or when we chat with “Alexa” or “Siri” on our mobile phones.

Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Define The AI ​​Term

Strong AI means what we know from science fiction. A machine that can solve problems of a general nature – that is, any question you ask. It is still pure fantasy and will remain so for decades or centuries.

On the other hand, we deal with weak AI in everyday life: These are algorithms – and that’s what an AI is, a very complex algorithm – that can answer specific questions they have previously learned to solve independently. An AI has no consciousness of its own and shows no understanding.

Humans program the AI, but the AI ​​independently learns how to carry out the programmed task. Therefore, AI is far more powerful than rule-based systems, as they can – to a certain extent – ​​react to previously unknown situations and learn from experience.

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