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Alyssa MAFS 2023

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In this article, we can grab the information about Alyssa’s MAFS History. Married at First Sight bride Alyssa Barmonde has swiped at her ‘ex-husband’ Duncan James. After Duncan, 36, The American reality star, 35, spoke out on her Instagram stories about their time on MAFS together on the TOSSER podcast.

Alyssa MAFS

As Alyssa Marry Duncan James Bride, Alyssa Barmonde publicizes that she had sex with Duncan James on their honeymoon. Married at First Sight, they married on the reality show series Ten.

Alyssa and Duncan married on the show, but after many ups and downs, Duncan cut off their relationship at the final vow ceremony. The mother-of-one, 35, made the X-rated confession on the Back to Reality podcast, admitting the pair didn’t wait for a relationship.

During the tell-all interview, I had a bit of a truth bomb. So, we had told everyone that we were waiting, that it never happened.’ We did not stay for relationship week.

Alyssa confirmed the pair got intimate during their honeymoon in Yarrawonga, Victoria. The 35-year-old single mother “unexpectedly” lost her job after being revealed as this season’s “villain” on the Channel Nine reality TV show.

Alyssa Is Still a Dog Rescuer

She was married at First Sight season 14. Alyssa did manage to show little bit of her good nature. She talked about how her love for dogs and mission to help rescue as many as possible was a big thing. Her Instagram bio also shouts that she is a “Dog Rescuer” who is “Rescuing dogs worldwide.” Alyssa also provides a link to her website where she mentions her fans for fundraising resourcefulness for dog rescuing, her LTK fashion shop, and her Amazon storefront due to her keeping things private on social media. At First Sight experience, little known about her love life post-married.

Who is Alyssa’s ex-husband on MAFS?

Alyssa has called out her former hubby, Duncan James, saying that he failed to come to her aid when show fans branded her a villain. The pair matched on the tenth Series of the show, which aired earlier this year, but the couple was not happy ever after.

Alyssa wrote on Instagram. She publicized her behavior was down to suffering a “panic attack” at the moment and that she’s suffered from anxiety for over 20 years. “When panic attack come on suddenly – only thought is need for survival.

Reviews of Alyssa MAFS

1. What was the Experience you thought? Why did you Initially apply MAFS Australia?

I searched for MAFS [Australia] via my Instagram. Many people aren’t aware that maybe half of us are investigators. At first, I was a bit cautious, but I thought, ‘What’s the worst that could happen? If I am true to myself. They surely show the real story.

2. How would you Rate Experience on MAFS Australia?

There are some things I done and said on MAFS [Australia] that I wish I had done differently or spoken better. I learned about myself at the same time, I was reminded to stand firm and listen to my emotions; things don’t feel right. So, be brave enough to walk away. The universe has a plan, and I’m along for a ride.

3.People would be Surprised to Learn about your Time on the Show

I never in a million years would have expected them to twist the entire story into a new reality. Yes, I knew it may edited, but I don’t think how much the people realize. People say, ‘You can’t blame it on edit’ or ‘You can’t edit words that come out of your mouth’. But we film 10 to 12 hours daily, five days a week. That’s lot of content. So, they can clip and change cut clips that never even happened. Or even worse, cut out situation completely. I wish I knew what I was getting myself into.

Alyssa Plans for the Future

To learn to love myself again. It takes some time to settle down in my life. To be honest be open enough to talk about my struggle. I want to spend time with my close friend and family. I am so happy to have my voice back, and hopefully bring awareness reality TV is so far from reality. So, I hope viewers have bit of grace for next season. And I hope next season’s cast knows that I will always be in their corner for support. For every hateful message, I received  love and support. It means everything to me that people stand up for the truth beside me. The love and support always outweigh the hate. I will love the sprites more than they could ever hate me.

Alyssa are you Ready to Date Again?

I’m not quite ready to Date again. I still have some healing and self-reflection before I can give myself to someone wholeheartedly. I pray he even comes to Australia. Otherwise, I’ll have to move to England! I do have a weakness for UK accent. [The idea of] connecting with like-minded people, to eliminate that first conversation of ‘I have child’ which sometimes might pressure other to say ‘that’s great! I don’t mind!’ But in reality, it’s massive shift in how you live your dating life with importance and availability. If Even comes to Australia, I’ll be ready to leap and be the first to sign up!


Alyssa had to secure herself after she was disapproved of her actions towards her husband, Duncan James. The single mum said that two weeks after the season finale aired, she was made redundant from a company she’d worked for seven years, which she believes wasn’t a ‘coincidence.’ She was raised a Mormon; her family is a huge part of her life. None more so than her two-year-old son she selects over all else to find love. Since her seven-year marriage ended, She has been single for months. In an extended Instagram post, she publicized she’s suffered from anxiety for over 20 years and has had a panic attack.

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